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  1. they still pulling me up haha how the fck do I dodge the bot squad.
  2. Hey guys I’m a new botter I’ve got banned on 4 accounts whilst using scripts, I made sure I’ve haven’t been botting more then 2-3 hours at a time a day making sure the reactions are delayed and hopping worlds and even going to my computer and talking in chat here and there even tried training a different skill for abit by me then the next day went back and put on for a hour and got banned can anyone shed some light on how they go avout it. Thanks
  3. nevermind I swear I sore a tribot prem that was better then vip nevermind I should be all good XD
  4. Yeah I understand that’s why I didn’t care if I got banned just new to botting so wanted some tips On how to lower my risk
  5. just got banned using this script whats the best way to use and minimize getting banned thanks @Einstein thanks XD
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