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  1. SenorChang

    any how to not get caught things?

    ahh just the mans script i plan to use haha. just for my farm run
  2. SenorChang

    any how to not get caught things?

    topic? anything i can read to follow instructions to not get caught or have it lead to my main at all ?
  3. SenorChang

    TRiBot Release 9.211_0

    I logged in on the client and got a 2 day ban
  4. Do i still get this because i purchased this when it first came out?
  5. SenorChang

    Tri Puro Puro - 1m+ / hour - N VIP required

    You're ignorant and an idiot. Just thought you should know. I'll try this again down the road, I bought this months ago. Was pretty flawed getting jars was a bitch. but hey tri if you wanna add me to skype Kyle.kabam i'll t/v you or something see if you can set it up better.
  6. SenorChang

    TRiBot Christmas Giveaway!

    Nice i could use that vip! have over like 125$ in scripts and still don't have a paid cooker :L Merry ho ho to alll!!!!!!
  7. Imo, you should have made some logics for some people that aren't good at that stuff. It takes time and to teach + have people spend that much time on something they're paying 20$ for is pretty hurt. Also feels like you gave up on this script 100 pages ago. I bought this script before the repo even existed and maybe used it 2ce. Was too time consuming to set up logics for banking and such.
  8. SenorChang

    TRiBot Release 8.14_0

    yeah some of the scripts work good i keep checking for an update for some reason.
  9. tries to start hell hounds [08:03:29] Starting client.[08:11:23] Downloading script 'Mute's AIOSlayer'.[08:11:54] Script Started: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:14:22] Enabled all randoms.[08:14:55] java.lang.NullPointerException[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.d(AIOSlayer.java:238)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.GD(AIOSlayer.java:5930)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.e(AIOSlayer.java:6919)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.u(AIOSlayer.java:3609)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.kD(AIOSlayer.java:8885)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.pC(AIOSlayer.java:7955)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.Rd(AIOSlayer.java:8596)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.c(AIOSlayer.java:6202)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.run(AIOSlayer.java:7206)[08:14:55] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[08:14:55] Script Ended: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:15:50] Downloading script 'Mute's AIOSlayer'.[08:16:04] Script Started: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:16:50] Enabled all randoms.[08:16:54] java.lang.NullPointerException[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.d(AIOSlayer.java:238)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.GD(AIOSlayer.java:5930)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.e(AIOSlayer.java:6919)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.u(AIOSlayer.java:3609)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.kD(AIOSlayer.java:8885)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.pC(AIOSlayer.java:7955)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.Rd(AIOSlayer.java:8596)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.c(AIOSlayer.java:6202)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.run(AIOSlayer.java:7206)[08:16:54] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[08:16:55] Script Ended: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:17:31] Downloading script 'Mute's AIOSlayer'.[08:18:04] Script Started: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:18:49] Enabled all randoms.[08:18:53] java.lang.NullPointerException[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.d(AIOSlayer.java:238)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.GD(AIOSlayer.java:5930)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.e(AIOSlayer.java:6919)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.u(AIOSlayer.java:3609)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.kD(AIOSlayer.java:8885)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.pC(AIOSlayer.java:7955)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.Rd(AIOSlayer.java:8596)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.c(AIOSlayer.java:6202)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.run(AIOSlayer.java:7206)[08:18:53] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[08:18:54] Script Ended: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:19:31] Downloading script 'Mute's AIOSlayer'.[08:19:42] Script Started: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:20:48] Enabled all randoms.[08:21:00] java.lang.NullPointerException[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.d(AIOSlayer.java:238)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.GD(AIOSlayer.java:5930)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.e(AIOSlayer.java:6919)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.u(AIOSlayer.java:3609)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.kD(AIOSlayer.java:8885)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.pC(AIOSlayer.java:7955)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.Rd(AIOSlayer.java:8596)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.c(AIOSlayer.java:6202)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.run(AIOSlayer.java:7206)[08:21:00] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[08:21:01] Script Ended: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:22:25] Downloading script 'Mute's AIOSlayer'.[08:23:13] Script Started: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:24:46] Enabled all randoms.[08:24:50] java.lang.NullPointerException[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.d(AIOSlayer.java:238)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.GD(AIOSlayer.java:5930)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.e(AIOSlayer.java:6919)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.u(AIOSlayer.java:3609)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.kD(AIOSlayer.java:8885)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.pC(AIOSlayer.java:7955)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.Rd(AIOSlayer.java:8596)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.c(AIOSlayer.java:6202)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.run(AIOSlayer.java:7206)[08:24:50] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[08:24:51] Script Ended: Mute's AIOSlayer. Gets that. I got anti fire shields anti poisons I got everything. dusty key all dat, why the fuck does it just stop .