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  1. ahh just the mans script i plan to use haha. just for my farm run
  2. topic? anything i can read to follow instructions to not get caught or have it lead to my main at all ?
  3. I logged in on the client and got a 2 day ban
  4. Do i still get this because i purchased this when it first came out?
  5. You're ignorant and an idiot. Just thought you should know. I'll try this again down the road, I bought this months ago. Was pretty flawed getting jars was a bitch. but hey tri if you wanna add me to skype Kyle.kabam i'll t/v you or something see if you can set it up better.
  6. Glad to see you're still around doing this bro
  7. Nice i could use that vip! have over like 125$ in scripts and still don't have a paid cooker :L Merry ho ho to alll!!!!!!
  8. WAT we need to post this skype convo.
  9. would it be worth getting the script with those stats?
  10. Imo, you should have made some logics for some people that aren't good at that stuff. It takes time and to teach + have people spend that much time on something they're paying 20$ for is pretty hurt. Also feels like you gave up on this script 100 pages ago. I bought this script before the repo even existed and maybe used it 2ce. Was too time consuming to set up logics for banking and such.
  11. yeah some of the scripts work good i keep checking for an update for some reason.
  12. tries to start hell hounds [08:03:29] Starting client.[08:11:23] Downloading script 'Mute's AIOSlayer'.[08:11:54] Script Started: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:14:22] Enabled all randoms.[08:14:55] java.lang.NullPointerException[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.d(AIOSlayer.java:238)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.GD(AIOSlayer.java:5930)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.e(AIOSlayer.java:6919)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.u(AIOSlayer.java:3609)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.kD(AIOSlayer.java:8885)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.pC(AIOSlayer.java:7955)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.Rd(AIOSlayer.java:8596)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.c(AIOSlayer.java:6202)[08:14:55] at scripts.AIOSlayer.run(AIOSlayer.java:7206)[08:14:55] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[08:14:55] Script Ended: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:15:50] Downloading script 'Mute's AIOSlayer'.[08:16:04] Script Started: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:16:50] Enabled all randoms.[08:16:54] java.lang.NullPointerException[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.d(AIOSlayer.java:238)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.GD(AIOSlayer.java:5930)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.e(AIOSlayer.java:6919)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.u(AIOSlayer.java:3609)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.kD(AIOSlayer.java:8885)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.pC(AIOSlayer.java:7955)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.Rd(AIOSlayer.java:8596)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.c(AIOSlayer.java:6202)[08:16:54] at scripts.AIOSlayer.run(AIOSlayer.java:7206)[08:16:54] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[08:16:55] Script Ended: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:17:31] Downloading script 'Mute's AIOSlayer'.[08:18:04] Script Started: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:18:49] Enabled all randoms.[08:18:53] java.lang.NullPointerException[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.d(AIOSlayer.java:238)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.GD(AIOSlayer.java:5930)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.e(AIOSlayer.java:6919)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.u(AIOSlayer.java:3609)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.kD(AIOSlayer.java:8885)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.pC(AIOSlayer.java:7955)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.Rd(AIOSlayer.java:8596)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.c(AIOSlayer.java:6202)[08:18:53] at scripts.AIOSlayer.run(AIOSlayer.java:7206)[08:18:53] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[08:18:54] Script Ended: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:19:31] Downloading script 'Mute's AIOSlayer'.[08:19:42] Script Started: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:20:48] Enabled all randoms.[08:21:00] java.lang.NullPointerException[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.d(AIOSlayer.java:238)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.GD(AIOSlayer.java:5930)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.e(AIOSlayer.java:6919)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.u(AIOSlayer.java:3609)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.kD(AIOSlayer.java:8885)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.pC(AIOSlayer.java:7955)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.Rd(AIOSlayer.java:8596)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.c(AIOSlayer.java:6202)[08:21:00] at scripts.AIOSlayer.run(AIOSlayer.java:7206)[08:21:00] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[08:21:01] Script Ended: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:22:25] Downloading script 'Mute's AIOSlayer'.[08:23:13] Script Started: Mute's AIOSlayer.[08:24:46] Enabled all randoms.[08:24:50] java.lang.NullPointerException[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.d(AIOSlayer.java:238)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.GD(AIOSlayer.java:5930)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.e(AIOSlayer.java:6919)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.u(AIOSlayer.java:3609)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.kD(AIOSlayer.java:8885)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.pC(AIOSlayer.java:7955)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.Rd(AIOSlayer.java:8596)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.c(AIOSlayer.java:6202)[08:24:50] at scripts.AIOSlayer.run(AIOSlayer.java:7206)[08:24:50] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)[08:24:51] Script Ended: Mute's AIOSlayer. Gets that. I got anti fire shields anti poisons I got everything. dusty key all dat, why the fuck does it just stop .