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Mr. Claus 2014
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Everything posted by Gh0sty

  1. Can you teach me how to make stuff like this @Starfox I'll be DJ Claus
  2. a lot of scripters have left/gone inactive etc. probably not as many awesome scripts as before though but definitely very popular bot
  3. @TRiLeZ Can we get an update please? I would like to know if you've been naughty or nice this year with your body
  4. whaat you gonna start contributing to da community again and me? thanks deluxe i <3 u
  5. idk why you're moaning when you said you had no plans of even botting. but heres the link to where you have to go to get back some weeks of VIP-E
  6. erick also took your monkfish too i bet
  7. lol ur fucking insane
  8. thank you from da bottom of my heart Indeed every VIP user appreciates this
  9. keep getting this, with osbuddy, rsclient and even using a browser, ive deleted tribot folder etc but cant get it to work even after trilez pushed an update to fix looking glass https://gyazo.com/8fd5d152594b392aba8bab527664e4db
  10. when will this be executed???
  11. @TRiLeZ my vip days have still not been extended
  12. ok ty LG mode or no? btw dont matter now though, combat hooks been broken for 2 weeks lol
  13. I looked you up and this is what I found... First Scamming @Divica 500+ dollars now and now you're dealing with counterfeit money what?
  14. @montreal176 seems to attack the NPC (woman) sometimes lol care to see if you can fix that?
  15. Seems to run fine. I'll post a proggy later for you, kinda lame no1s given any feedback or proggy for you.
  16. been over 1 week since the hooks have been updated and the only scripts/script I used were combat ones. Not like Trilez going to reimburse us some extra VIP days though because of that. @TRiLeZ
  17. nope it's been 1 week since hooks have been broken
  18. this is epic
  19. been almost a week without hooks being updated which sucks @TRiLeZ any ETA man?
  20. yup..... it's been 4+ days with no sign of the hooks being fixed anytime soon. Losing precious VIP days.