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Mr. Claus 2014
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  1. copy/paste the code/text your using? i can see if ur doing something wrong
  2. looking glass or jst regular client?
  3. all i ask is that i keep any profit made on the acc and u get to keep any lvls i got 4 u
  4. give me it ill bot it 4 u mate
  5. @warfront1 you should rewrite this entire script fam
  6. horrible vid fam i diddnt like it heres a better link explaining stuff, but uh saving 16 dollars on average per year and thats with a PLATINUM PSU....... the savings arent there frankly and a 500 psu is more than enough. Honestly this would only matter if you're running servers or something like that etc. http://www.corsair.com/en-us/blog/2012/august/80-plus-platinum-what-does-it-mean-and-what-is-the-benefit-to-me
  7. most cases have the cords hidden from the side with no glass panel fam.... lol 500w is not skimping when the PC build says its going to use 300 or so watts and what a few extra bucks in electrical per month is not a big deal..... chances of your components being harmed cuz of a bad PSU lol not very high nor likely.... thers shit pre built PCs out there with crap PSUs and some people have those for years and years and components are harmed....
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Intel-Core-i7-6700K-8M-Skylake-Quad-Core-4-0-GHz-LGA-1151-91W-BX80662I76700K-Des-/301748591787 sale 275 dollars from newegg again you better hop on this shit fam
  9. his CPU is fine... he dont need one much faster luls..... i jst said 6700k cuz it was on sale for 299.99 at times and on ebay from newegg it was 275 at one point but its been completely sold out on ebay and newegg lmao if anything he could get 2 semi-old xeon CPUs for 50-70 bucks each and build a dual cpu build with 32gb-64gb of ram lol..... cost would be around 1k or so lel
  10. anychance to reset the dynamic sig data/stats since script has been re-written and is 2.0 now? I think Worthy did the same thing with zulrah script, new dynamic sig but with 2.0 in the link name and stuff you could leave 1.0 sigs up in thread to show this was 1.0 etc and then a new one for 2.0
  11. shlda gotten a 6700k when it on sale for 275 on ebay by newegg why do you need a 500gb ssd? you can get a 120gb or 240gb ssd for A LOT CHEAPER and use it for the OS only... no need to buy a 500gb ssd lol. can also get a cheaper PSU, u dont need a 650 watt PSU when the pc is 332W you can get a evga 430 or 500 psu for half the price and use the savings on peripherals, mouse/keyboard etc.....
  12. hey @daxmagex do you have a link to the dynamic sig for everyone?
  13. last update november 16th. ill give this script a try soon
  14. I guess that applies for some people but when you drop 2k+ on a laptop you shouldnt have to be spending more money on USB adapters and HDMI adapters or an SD Card adapter to upload videos and edit them. Pre standard these days for laptops to have basically all of these things already on. They're only doing this to get more sales and profit from ppl having to buy dongles
  15. meh grats i guess, the new mb pro is pretty ass though and you shouldnt have bought it have fun spending another 100+ dollars on dongles and adapters.....
  16. bans incoming when you think you got away
  17. yo this looks mad dope! hopefully a few scriptwriters will utilize this as well
  18. 18 bucks is nothing, you can make that back in 1-2 days bro... besides thers no gargoyle bot frankly. You can make bils with this script homie.
  19. will be using this soon and posting a proggy in a month when I can get a account with reqs.