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  1. @TRiLeZ can you please fix this?????? Getting very tired of shit always breaking and it takes months just to get fixed or in this case about to be a year jst to get fixed this is ridiculous
  2. yes they still do
  3. prob gnna need a lot higher stats than those, i heard jmods said 70 herb was considered low level or w/e for raids lmao
  4. If you still aren't having your issues fixed guys open a script dispute here. https://tribot.org/forums/forum/172-script-dispute/ last time script got updated was in October btw. @vese @Placido95 @odincr
  5. same here man @erickho123 Can you please update this script man? I really need it to make some accounts man and so do many other users
  6. PM him or click the discord link in his siggy, hes in discord sometimes, come in there and tell him whats wrong etc
  7. You should try the trial and see for yourself. But many users are complaining of issues on the thread so it may not work. You should try the trial and see for yourself. But many users are complaining of issues on the thread so it may not work. Thats prob the ABCL 10 in effect, it makes the script slower. Prob not, I don't think he has an actual account to test with to really hammer out any bugs so hes asking you guys to post the bug/client debug so he can try to fix it but I don't think he actually does look at it. The last time his script was updated was October 2016 so its been a few months.
  8. copy/paste the code/text your using? i can see if ur doing something wrong
  9. looking glass or jst regular client?
  10. all i ask is that i keep any profit made on the acc and u get to keep any lvls i got 4 u
  11. give me it ill bot it 4 u mate
  12. @warfront1 you should rewrite this entire script fam
  13. horrible vid fam i diddnt like it heres a better link explaining stuff, but uh saving 16 dollars on average per year and thats with a PLATINUM PSU....... the savings arent there frankly and a 500 psu is more than enough. Honestly this would only matter if you're running servers or something like that etc. http://www.corsair.com/en-us/blog/2012/august/80-plus-platinum-what-does-it-mean-and-what-is-the-benefit-to-me
  14. most cases have the cords hidden from the side with no glass panel fam.... lol 500w is not skimping when the PC build says its going to use 300 or so watts and what a few extra bucks in electrical per month is not a big deal..... chances of your components being harmed cuz of a bad PSU lol not very high nor likely.... thers shit pre built PCs out there with crap PSUs and some people have those for years and years and components are harmed....