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  1. Double check you input the right item id's for spec and regular weapon. There will always be a client debug message if the script stops because of an error
  2. Use waterbirth locations or tribot break handler for lower ban rate
  3. Spec works fine for me I just tested it, did it give you any errors in the client debug?
  4. Restart and make sure you selected iron knives on the gui. If it still doesn't work, confirm for me the id on the iron knives is 863
  5. Can you tell me what settings you have on, any client debug messages, and what exactly it's trying to do when it breaks
  6. Can you give me any other details like the client debug, where you are when you start, or what it tried to do that caused it to break?
  7. I just tested and it works fine for me, if you can give me any details like the client debug or if it stops I can help you more. Can you give me any other details like the client debug or what it tried to do that caused it to break?
  8. Make sure you unchecked all teleport options in the gui(cam teletabs are set selected by default) and have the latest version of this script. If it tries to walks to bank because of lack of food it should give you the client debug line "to bank" Moderators can go invisible and usually do if not with their gay pride parade of bot busters, not sure what help that would do but if I have time I'll see what I can do. Might look into waterbirth location option as it's much less populated
  9. Yeah just keep autoretaliate on Make sure you select the right teleport method(or none at all) and have tabs in inv when starting On todo list Thanks! Print screen and paste in paint or some screenshot program like http://puush.me/
  10. Can you give me any more details such as the script debug or when it occurs?
  11. There is no keylogger or anything like it in any files but feel free to download the open source, scan it, and compile yourself Download v1.21 and overwrite your existing files
  12. Just updated, download v1.21 Used this thanks @ishy_gift99 https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/forum/6-tutorials/
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