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  1. I appreciate it, i ran it for 5 hours no problem 40 points an hour in basic world 44. Didnt watch it the entire time of course lol but when i did i hadnt had any problems. Maybe in those world hopping pest chat worlds it would have some bugs since they finish games so fast, block monsters and etc lol.
  2. Aug 29th or 30th, i posted about attack style switches but it was because i switched after started script lol.
  3. yes, ive had your script since when you first released it years back.
  4. yes, i was running it prior to when i first started posting in this thread. even posted in your thread a few times about little things about my attack style switching. I've had the script for years like when you first made it, just got back into botting.
  5. with the repo update iv'e now lost my subscription to this bot?
  6. i no longer have the script and i see nothing to activate it only to purchase it?
  7. i guess, I brought the script months ago lol. I just got back into botting and I was using it for a few days with no problem then like last Tuesday it disappeared along with the rock crab script from the clients folders but it still in my repo on the site.
  8. i have not, I just downloaded tribot on a fresh computer at home. In the bot help section someone else is having the same problem but no one is responding to it. Its this script and a runebirthisland rock crab bot both stopped disappeared about Tuesday from my folders but still in repo on site.
  9. The script no longer is appearing in my scripts when I load it up on tribot but it still shows in my repository on the site
  10. its been almost a week, guess they said fuck us lol
  11. Mine are still missing too and im not seeing anything on these forums about it being fixed or even noticed....
  12. rock crab and pest control bots still missing
  13. i lost a pest controller and a rock craber but its still in my repo on the site
  14. yes all non payed scripts are showing just my premium/payed ones are no longer showing
  15. About two days ago i noticed the scripts ive purchased no longer show up when i run the bot and go to start scripts. But when i check my repository they are still activated. Is this a current problem with anyone else? Is there a fix? Its for a waterbirth crab bot script, and a ultimate pest control script.
  16. It keeps switching to strength mode for training, is there a way to set it for attack?
  17. Did you defend knight and use clan chat? I havent used this script in months but ive used it to make many stakers in the past but all of them that got banned was from using iemz chat and defending knight having guys all report me for not responding or for defending the knight while in there chat or from getting caught in there bot world hops.
  18. What does style switch do? Random styles? would it be possible to select what you want the dds to special on then what to switch to for the whip to use. Although i understand due to lag or etc it could become buggy sometimes.
  19. Gold farming? Im pretty sure they IP ban every account linked after one gold farming ban.
  20. Its more then likely the fact that you sold gold to someone lol.. Its a perm ban and any accounts linked to your ip. The guy you sold gold too probably was being watched or got banned. Most of the times they have throw away accounts. Anytime i've sold large amount of gold to people off of sythe/playerauctions my account has ended up being banned for gold farming a week or so later. So now i only do like 100m sells or more so its worth losing the account if it happens.
  21. A lot of you running this script must be using some high win % odds because your bot never accepts a manual challenge for me even though i have like literally 1-2 stats higher then you.
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