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  1. Lifetime Premium Script Not Activated Anymore

    yes, i was running it prior to when i first started posting in this thread. even posted in your thread a few times about little things about my attack style switching. I've had the script for years like when you first made it, just got back into botting.
  2. Lifetime Premium Script Not Activated Anymore

    i no longer have the script and i see nothing to activate it only to purchase it?
  3. Lifetime Premium Script Not Activated Anymore

    its been almost a week, guess they said fuck us lol
  4. Lifetime Premium Script Not Activated Anymore

    Mine are still missing too and im not seeing anything on these forums about it being fixed or even noticed....
  5. Purchased scripts not showing up

    rock crab and pest control bots still missing
  6. Lifetime Premium Script Not Activated Anymore

    i lost a pest controller and a rock craber but its still in my repo on the site
  7. Purchased scripts not showing up

    yes all non payed scripts are showing just my premium/payed ones are no longer showing
  8. Purchased scripts not showing up

    About two days ago i noticed the scripts ive purchased no longer show up when i run the bot and go to start scripts. But when i check my repository they are still activated. Is this a current problem with anyone else? Is there a fix? Its for a waterbirth crab bot script, and a ultimate pest control script.
  9. I have a suggestion for looting, instead of Gems, have it loot diamonds, and instead of Herbs, have it loot rannars, and stackables(runes) have it loot specific ones such as Nats & laws, seeings as minds and fires are a waste lol.
  10. Spam clicks around back and forth randomly while trying to fish at catherbye. Script definitely has been in need of an update for over a month, hopefully just the free version is like this.
  11. I use this script on my defence accounts, it runs pretty good for a while then randomly gets stuck at the ladder and does nothing until I click for it to go down it. Sometimes it will click up/down ladder walk all the way back to the bank then walk back and try to repeat the going down process until it finally gets it.. Script really needs an update.
  12. Crashes instantly, saying that its either out of coins or hides once its trying to bank.
  13. Lumbridge CowHideKiller and Banker [ABCL10]

    Tribot. close that tribot client open a new one and run the script, its banking now flawlessly as before. Ive been running it for an hr 30minutes and have 290 hides.
  14. TRiBot Beta 7.44_0

    That's how bans are given, you don't see them on your account until you log in then your auto logged out and banned. banking has been fixed for a few hours when 744.1 came out
  15. Lumbridge CowHideKiller and Banker [ABCL10]

    its not the script its the client needs to be updated after todays runescape update..