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  1. I am writing a script that will walk my player to cowArea using WebWalking.walkTo but while walking, script keeps on clicking accept aid. I think it is trying to enable run but instead clicking the aid button. This only happens when run is off. Anyone else encountered this? Is this a bug?
  2. @testing1 hi it's my script. There's nothing on my script that enable/disable this. Here is my script: https://pastebin.com/hUih8KTk
  3. As I was watching my bot cut willow trees, there are a lot of instances that the bot toggle aid then do something then toggle again. This happens when the bot is walking to bank and going back to willow trees. It happens not just once but happen multiple times while walking. Is this one of Tribot anti ban feature? Is there a way to stop this?
  4. Maybe missing ScriptManifest?
  5. I've read somewhere that it is advisable to use the name instead of the ID since Jagex sometimes changes the ID of objects/npcs.
  6. Hi Tribot Community Members, I just started creating scripts this week and would like to request for feedback for my Draynor Willow cutter and banker. https://pastebin.com/hUih8KTk Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you!
  7. Thank you @wastedbro you are absolutely right. Will keep that in mind. @Beg and @Encoded thanks. Yesterday while I researching on this, I saw this tutorial of Einstein which helped me a lot. Now for debugging purposes, I created a global string variable and updates the value on the main thread then displays this onPaint. Thank you for the answers.
  8. Hi All. I just started with creating script for OSRS yesterday. I am browsing the API docs and would like to ask where can I find the different returns definition of a method? Example is the Player.getAnimation(), it says on the docs that it returns int but didn't mentioned what are the values it returns and definition of its values. I only know so far is -1 means player is doing nothing. Also, how do we write something on screen on run-time. Just like below but this only runs when script started. Would like to display some data on screen for debugging purposes. Just like this one. Thanks.
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