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  1. Bot has issues to change to secondary weapons for special attack. When the SPEC bar gets to the % required for the special attack of the secondary weapon, it tries to change weapons but fails several times, changing both weapons over and over again in fight while trying to click on the spec icon.
  2. its not strange. agility shortcuts/courses are the most flagged areas in runescape. which is strange is that some people manage to make 100M exp suicide botting non-stop while others get banned after 40 mins of running the same script. there must be an explanation for this huge ambivalence.
  3. realidadk2

    nightmare Zone

    avoid magic and ranged bosses. also shitty bosses such as dagannoth mother
  4. i never use the bank while botting. i do it with my hands
  5. is it possible to add an option to change weapon to benefit from its special attack? for example, if i am training with abyssal whip, at 100% spec i could change to saradomin godsword to benefit from its special attack, and then change to abby whip again to keep training.
  6. realidadk2


    my first auto ban using tribot was right after deleting the "hooks file" to run a premium agility script (this was part of a tribot guide for running scripts that didn't work. not my idea).
  7. realidadk2


    i've read before that Jagex "turns on" their automated ban system from 6-10am EST but their working hours are from 9am to 5pm GMT+1 that would mean that Jagex turns on their automated ban system from 11am to 15pm GMT+1 is this information accurated?
  8. companies usually keep the same staff when are bought, except CEOs.
  9. shitty script = ban avoid premium scripts with big promises such as "quantum gravity calculator for anti-ban based in thousands of hours of human playtime" and also, never bot in high populated/well known areas (such as G.E. or chickens/cows at lumbridge, tutorial island, etc).
  10. bot tries to world hop to full worlds, which logs me out immediately because i don't use auto-login. it is possible that the bot only hops to worlds based in their amount of players online (prioritizing worlds with less players online, which would be more safe to bot for those of us who use this anti-ban measure)?
  11. is it possible to add an anti-ban option to world hop after X ammount of time after 1 player appears within your spot? seems too botlike to worldhop instantly when someone is around and that might attract attention from reporters (and they might catch you before you worldhop) if the bot worldhops after a few mob kills that would be less botlike and more humanlike (usually bots teleport or log out/hop instantly when someone appears in their perimeter and anyone could left-click them before that happens)
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