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  1. Hey! Just out of curiosity, how is the ban rate with your script? Curious after how much usage you found yourself getting banned if any idea. Thanks!
  2. Damn man! So sad to see you go! I was wondering why I hadn't gotten a reply from you on discord for a while. Thanks for all your help and support man. Wish you all the best with your future endeavors!
  3. All the following answers are based off of my experiences and opinions. Others may have different viewpoints depending on their experiences so please take what I say with a grain of salt. 1. You can as long as you don't get banned within those 12 hours and you bot something that is decently profitable. Assuming no bans, if you bot something that gets you maybe 200-300k an hour, across 3 accounts 12 hours a day you are looking at about 4.8M which isn't bad but also probably accounts won't last long (consider taking anti ban measures such as breaks and using scripts with ABC2 although all these even don't guarantee not getting banned) 2. I personally do it every once in a while to one account. Since I trade low amounts of gold (5-10M) to this account, I'm not quite worried about doing several trades over several accounts cause at the end of the day if Jagex wants to track you and get you caught, they will regardless how many times you trade it. 3.I never used a VPS so I can't comment on that end. However, I do use 2-3 accounts per Private Socks5 proxy which in some cases has helped and in other cases has been useless. All depends on the situation. 4. No. F2P bots would just be a waste of your time and money. Although P2P can be just as bad in terms of bans, they are still slightly better and even more profitable. Plus ... You have the new F2P restrictions which is a added burden you probably don't want to encounter. 5. Up to you. If you have the time and energy to spend learning programming to write your own scripts then all power you to you. Having control over the quality and knowing the source of the product you are using is definitely a positive to writing your own work as well as being able to share it with others to enjoy. However, if you find yourself not able to achieve this, you can just use the free scripts or purchase premium scripts that are already out there. Some premium script writers are even open to take private script requests so you can look at that pathway too if it's something that interests you (although the prices for this may be leaning towards the more expensive side) Again all the answers to the above questions are my personal opinions and viewpoints and you may have someone else comment who totally disagrees so please don't take what I say as the end all be all of things. I myself am new and do understand your concern with the overwhelming aspect but it's just something that takes time and patience. All the best!
  4. Snippets: [Source] (Link to thread) I don't have any snippets that I can link to due to the fact that I have been spending majority of my time developing scripts and learning the API. I haven't had any good opportunity to share snippets of code as I am still actively learning and advancing my skills but haven't made any significant breakthroughs to share with the community. With that being said, if I ever do get the opportunity or chance to share code that I feel will benefit the community, I will definitely do that. Tutorials: [Source] (Link to thread) I haven't gotten the chance to write any tutorials to be able to help out the community however I have helped tribot users 1-on-1 on the discord channel whether it was helping them setup their tribot client, getting local scripts to run, or even giving them a helping hand with a bug or problem they encountered in their own script. I try to be active on the forums but I find myself way more active on the discord channel and engaging with others there as oppose to here. Open source scripts available to the public (Three scripts are required): [Source] (Link to thread) Short biography / Coding Experience: [1-2 short paragraphs] I have been programming for over 10+ years now. I started in high school programming and learning what it was all about and as an adult, it is still my passion and something I treat like an art form. With every script and every program I write, I always do my best to follow best practices and make my code as readable and scalable as I possibly can. Currently my full time work is dealing with programming (Fullstack web development) so it's something that I'm constantly around and need to do. SInce code reviews are a significant part of my fulltime work, I'm not afraid of getting my code torn to pieces by other programmers as I love the opportunity to learn from others what I may not know. Although new to Tribot and OSRS community, I'm not new to programming and I feel my past experiences will help me with my development here at Tribot. Reasons why you feel you deserve Scripter: [1-3 short paragraphs] I feel that I deserve Scripter rank due to my continued efforts to help provide quality and useful (or atleast what I think is useful) scripts to the public to use. I always try to improve my code and provide what I feel is the best quality code that I can to the public and hopefully others can benefit from what I write. I've demonstrated this through the fact that I am in constant contact with scripters and premium scripters through private discord messages in order to get their feedback on my scripts to see where I can improve and what I can do to make my code faster and more efficient. I've especially been in close contact with @bbuu20 (he's freaking awesome!) when developing my first few scripts to get all the knowledge that he possess so that I can be on the right track from the very start. As a scripter, it's not just about writing code for others, it is also a duty of mine to share the knowledge I have with other beginners alike to help them improve their scripts. I have had the opportunity to also give code review to others who were just beginning to develop their own scripts and provide my insights and my way of doing things on problems and challenges they had run into through discord. Although I still consider myself a beginner and nowhere near the ranks of the scripters and premium scripters on this forum, I still do my best to share the knowledge I have gained so far when I see an opportunity to do so. What you plan to provide the community with: [1-3 short Paragraphs] I plan to provide more free and open sourced scripts to the community. I have open sourced all the work I have shared with the community and I plan to continue doing this going forward. I'm happy to let others see the source code for the product they are using and they themselves can determine if what I have written is suitable or not for their needs. I also love open sourcing my work cause it allows me to get great feedback from the other community members that I may not if I close source it. It also gives beginners who are just getting into the scripting community to have resource to look and get inspiration from (which is something I definitely did and found is super helpful)! Do you agree to continue to not only update, but provide more free, open sourced scripts to the community? [Yes/no] Yes, I do. Unless I have a very good reason, I don't ever plan to close source any of my work that I share for free with Tribot community. Thank you for the opportunity and time to review my application
  5. Ya you're right but I'm too lazy to that for something that probably won't be used by many users I believe. Thanks for suggestion though
  6. Hello! I noticed that there wasn't any up to date fletching bots for free users so I decided to create something using what was already available as motivation. I wanted the free users to have access to a decent fletching bot and noticed the good stuff is only available as premium scripts. I hope users like what I have made! List of features: 1. Full ABC2 implementation 2. Task based 3. Load/Save profiles 4. Automatically loads the last used profile on startup 5. Fletches many different things! How to use: 1. Select Cut or String 2. Select what you want to cut or string 3. Put in up until what level we should do (-1 represents do not set a specific level but rather go until supplies last) 4. Put in how many logs we should Fletch or how many bows we string (-1 means go until supplies last) 5. Press Add Task 6. Repeat 1-6 until satisfied 7. OPTIONAL: Give the profile a name and press save tasks. Next time you use the bot, your profile will appear beside the dropdown next to Load Tasks (You select a profile and press load tasks) 8. Watch and enjoy! Screenshots Tribot Repo Link: https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/3494 Github Link: https://github.com/ThatWebDevKid/RsBotScripts/tree/master/fletcherino Please leave your comments and feedback so I can always work to improve it for the community! Thank you
  7. Hey! Sorry I was away for a while. Great question Basically, Game.getSetting returns this number which represents the state of the state of the game at a certain point. The number returned changes at every stage of the tutorial island so that's how I know what code to run for every stage. Without it, it would be much harder and I would have to check for other things. As for the 1000, I noticed that once I finish the tutorial island (the wizard teleports me to lumbridge), the gameState becomes 1000 so that's how I know I have finished the tutorial island and decide to break out of my running loop and log out the user. I really just figured this out through logging out what the gameState is once I teleport to lumbridge so it does seem quite random and out of place. As for wanting to run code after my script finishes the tutorial island, I'm not sure what the best way to go about that is if I'm being honest. Maybe when the first running loop finishes (when gameState reaches 1000), you can start another running loop? I haven't done this before so I cannot give you the best advice. You may want to join the Tribot discord and ask there as scripters with more experience and knowledge may be able to assist you better. Thanks for using my script! Hope it worked well without bugs. Appreciate the feedback!
  8. Hate to break it to you but I believe you won't be getting any updates soon considering the fact the developer last visit the site sometime in July 2019 which is a few months ago. Unless he decides to visit, I would consider the script as-is condition.
  9. Probably not considering the OP last reply was 3 years ago
  10. Thank you! A little buggy at time but it's hard to come across those bugs and sometimes they happen very minimal so I'm hoping I can get some help and have more testers so I can pinpoint where and when the bugs happen. Hope people like it!
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