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    Hey names Kev 23 years old just left the British army fancy playing runescape again since jagex ruined EOC am on the old school just how i remembered it before i left
  1. maybe to do a few levels when i first made account probs never even botted over 2 hours on it ? like 5 months ago as well they can trace that or something ?
  2. Okay so i was botting on one account doing clay i admit i had a long proggie going but i was not botting my main account it was logged out i return home see my clay botter was banned i logged onto my main was logged straight out then it was banned ? why did they bann the main just said marcoing but i was not never have on it ? Can i not bot on this IP again now will they be watching me or just if i have multiple accounts running would i be safe to bot one account only ?
  3. any one no the exp rates on these ?
  4. that last proggie WDF ? 11 hours has all them runes yet the 26 hour proggie not even close ? i'd question that
  5. Okay so i'v started a p2p pking team i want pass names or details here. If your 110 + and have 94 mage and enjoy pking please inbox me i wanna start a base team/clan before i go public I no this isnt a recruitment thread but am sure some people here at 110 + with those stats who would like to pk
  6. Il give this solid thinking but thanks for all your advice guys
  7. Ah no problem 50 def zerker reckon it would work haha
  8. Ah shit that ruins it then barrows pure i guess it is
  9. This is a bad time !!! what defence would i end up if i did do all the quests ? and had to receive all the exp ? a barrows pure sounds ok dh pking maybe ?
  10. So becuase im 40 def with none of them quests done am screwd ? thanks for your post also
  11. Ok so iv always been a main and my friends just given me an account with 60 attack 70 str 40 def 67 hp 44 prayer Curious as what quests i need and what levels i should be going for
  12. I think it says some where when starting the script it will not work on NCP's :/ aso thanks brad just got a 9 hour proggie to post for you and im about 4 or 5k alchs off 94 mage so il post that if i don't miss it thanks for fast response on the bot
  13. can you please increase the speed of the bot its very slow and does not get any where near 150k exp an hour :/ but its runs fantastic
  14. Okay well since you have disable randoms i went pest bank and now your script alchs once and then does nothing im screwed for 94 mage lol