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  1. Hey bud see of you can add toggle run to improve wc rates and xp =] please
  2. When using this I was unable to use the main script (the master aio) so I used the auth on the Ultimate AIO...and it started up...But It would not cut the tree nor bank, and if it happened to get to the bank (which it ran there) the script would then stop...>.> Heres the log EDIT: Correction...I started Up the script at varrock for normal trees and it started to cut those with no problem, I think the ID's just need to be updated Ill report back after it banks or doesnt... EDIT2: So after letting it run for about 30 seconds or so it stop randomly, I then re-ran it to see what caused this, it seems as though this cluster of trees (pictured below) happen to confuse the bot. It highlights all of them and doesnt know which to choose, so it shuts down...Any ETA on an update for this stuff?
  3. Can you shoot me a pm about beta, looking to buy the script but only have 07 gp atm. Also, when the full release is complete, for those who bought the beta...will they need to rebuy the full version?
  4. I would screenie my bots currently running, but I'm heading to bed, Ill post tomorrow along with a pm to you...=P Aside from that I coulda just been walking around and found it... you tard. Seriously does everyone have down syndrome when it comes to VIP? This is a forum...not a bot, I can post in a forum, with out having VIP, there for I don't need VIP to comment, and if I so choose....I could be using an entirely different bot and/or doing this manually. The world doesn't revolve around using the bot and/or having VIP, so please stfu, and get off my dick. Thanks...
  5. Hey guys Highball here, How's your rare hunting going??? I know for me, so far its pretty steady and I have good days and bad days but simply put, I want more...That's the reason I will be hosting a rare finding group on days that I don't have work. I'm talking about unofficial spots, where rares can be RAPED! Places where we can get 3+ rares in a day with no problem, and set ourselves up nicely. Whether you're looking for rares to collect, or rares to sell for cash, no matter the reason, I'm looking to recruit. So if you're interested in joining up with me, I'm looking for a few trusted members who are willing to find good spots, share em' with the group and only the group and once we have enough, well we can either release them or sell the spots. So if your interested, just Pm me your skype, give me a brief description of yourself, why you wana join, and what have you gained thus far, And we'll go from there. For being a RS Veteran, I like to think we as a team can achieve great success, and wealth, and still have fun. Once I assemble a small team, I plan to post proggies of what we gain, on a semi daily report, and we will see where it leads us to next. Looking for about 5 people - give or take a few, so hit me up
  6. Didn't know that...>.> Would be nice if it did. what happens when someone dies near you and they drop like 5 phats? lol =p
  7. To everyone who says it doesn't pick up the Phats, it doesn't. I dropped a hat on the ground to test if it recognized it and it kept trying to log out. If you dont believe me go to a spot where there is no one there and drop one, but remember the world in case it logs out. So until its updated there is no point in hopping, you look dumb lol. On a side not, I'm starting a group of 4-6 members who want to make a unverified phat team. Essentially us few with share and find unverified locations for future drops (eg. santas, easter eggs, crackers (if they even consider those as rares). We will work via forums/skype and make a thread that consists of daily spoils. Once we find a few that are good enough we will continue to find more and begin to sell certain locations we feel are good, but not as good as our private ones. If anyone is interested please PM me your skype, give me a brief discription of yourself, and link me to you sythe/PB/Tribot profile so I can see what you've been up to (; So if you're at all interested, whether you've found a 100 phats or just 1, feel free to pm me, I will review everyone that Pms me and get back to you on the 13th before the next rares begin to spawn.
  8. Lol seriously...maybe because they added more spawn points its taking longer for the rares to get around (as not everyone is using every spot) And with more spawn points, that means more 30min periods of waiting before they go to the next spot which someone may or may not be there.. ya know? On a side note, anyone wanting to make a small group of people who share spawn points for the new rares? As in 4-6 people (including myself) share what ever spawns they find and keep those spawns between themselves. to maximize profit? If anyone is interested PM me your skype and we can talk about making a small FC or group in game/on forums and help each other achieve great locations for maximum rares/day (;
  9. It is honestly people like you who ruin the forum experience for the rest of us. forget i asked. Ill stick with my spot. I'm at least averaging 1 a day
  10. Sorry to inform you Im not using any crack, nor would I know how to? So please do go and shovel all the shit you're talking back down your throat...K? Thanks. Before anyone else feels like flaming, please reconsider. This is an honest request. Who's to say Im not manually doing and/or using a private bot? And or happen to have another account other than this one to write with...? So again I ask is there anyone generous enough to share a spot...?
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