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  1. Haha don't worry, didn't see it on the front page so basically my bad really anyhow, thanks for the info!
  2. So, my problem is that i need to have VIP only ? Should have solved the problem if i knew from the beginning rather than wasting 2 hours googling all (lost more dollars in time than paying tribot xD)
  3. seriously?... i mean like i just want to try out my own script lol. Is there any other way around this or do i have to use other client?
  4. By compile you mean the "build project" right? Cause it builds it without any error. Yes i have the script manifest, unless something is wrong? since this script is mostly just to test and learn scripting. @ScriptManifest( authors = "RinZZZ TEST", category = "Ground item picker", name = "groundpicker", description = "Picks up runes", version = 1.0, gameMode = 1 ) Output path and test output path is in appdata/roaming/.tribot/bin EDIT> This is how it looks on tribot
  5. Sorry for the lack of information. No it doesn't show up in my tribot client. When i press "Start scripts" and the menu opens up where i should be able to choose scripts, but all it says is "Scripts" but doesn't show me my script, which makes me unable to load it to tribot...?
  6. Hi. I followed this guide but i can't manage to make tribot load my script on run it in intellij.. any help how to fix this? -
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