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    Hi all, I would like to run the client at the office but seems that the office connection is not allowing it, they have a very strict policy. I cannot connect with google chrome to the website either however internet explorer does work? It's probably not possible but any ideas would be helpful. PS ; I cannot turn off firewall or the anti-virus, also cannot download any third party software
  2. Hi Naton, thanks for your swift reply, when you told hardware...i have tried using an older laptop of mine...and very strangely the script worked much much better than on my new laptop! mouse is moving much much more swiftly and clicks on the pots correctly right away. I will make a gif on the other laptop asap
  3. the mouse is moving so slowly from the screen and always missclicking inventory till it finds the right potion im sure its due to my settings or something but i cant find how to fix it
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