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  1. Get on skype and ill show u proof. It goes down/up often, happens alot.
  3. Lols. lols lols lols lols wait up im still laughing at you. You told me you ran windows azure yourself lololololol hold up im still laughing. And now you switched providers into 1 which isnt allowed to rs bots lolololol. Sec man this is too funny
  4. Recently got chargedback? Someone opened a dispute? Stop typing to paypal, and message me for your free support
  5. Each Account Costs 25K The account wealth on the account is 250k-2m Pm me.
  6. You cant even open updater.jar on linux, mainly because the site devloader.com/updater.jar will not work.
  7. On a Dedi, How easy is it to change the IP?
  8. Linux? Lol? Thats not how linux works.
  9. Wouldnt recommend every dealing with him, he will make you overpay, and he didnt even read your question, he just posted to get $ from you.
  10. Windows vps are always shit.
  11. Wouldnt recommend this server for a gold farmer. Half the time, this server fails to load when you try to connect. And control panel will be down. So offtime for him. Poor customer service too. Vps is still constantly timing out/ control panel is down.
  12. If you know a good one, please Pm me. Looking for someone with proper support.
  13. How do i download this on linux......
  14. no one keeps it updated
  15. Whats the point of leaving feedback, when feedback means u can tell them what there doing wrong.