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  1. makes sense, was just miffed at the dps of trident at 75 magic, so swapping back to ibans until 84+, cheers for the timely response
  2. @Netamihey could we get support for regular magic potions? i can only see the use for divine but i can use reg range pots? why not both! thanks for the hard work
  3. ran into a problem with the bot hovering over a mark of grace with a random event jailer ontop of it... bot was stuck but as i baby sit i caught it quick enough
  4. had a problem settin up the bot at a particular position, zeah shoreline east 2nd positon from left, havent tested others but would recieve an error stating unmapped region though if im on crab claw isle, no problems
  5. Hey, thanks for the great script without the price tags has helped through the grind One issue I have which would help with detection (atleast i hope) as while in the woodcutting guild when banking the script will select the space at the bank chest, complete the pathing then swith banking methods and accesses the deposit box. Seems to do this every time thus i will wait for the bank click and take over manually to bank as im at the pc, though others lack the availablilty. Just abit spooky otherwise solid!
  6. makes sense thanks for the heads up
  7. getting this similar issue, guess the accounts getting a longer break than anticipated
  8. @erickho123 scrpt doesnt seem to recognise logs and oak logs (so far) in the bank, the step of withdrawing is the only hiccup otherwise the bot seems pretty clean thanks
  9. yes silver jewlery would be appretiated avid user of this script and i appretiate your work, keep it up! @Trent
  10. bug: not sure what has changed as was fine yesterday or day before, when smelting iron (havent tried for others) the bot will instead on the furnace interface select silver.
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