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  1. heroinhead

    How do I use Proxies?

    Finally got a proxy that works. Im proud of myself =D
  2. heroinhead

    How do I use Proxies?

    Another proxy said remote proxy host closed during handshake
  3. heroinhead

    How do I use Proxies?

    Ok, so i wasn't using a port 1080 proxy, but now I am, and I get an error message saying "found". The client will not start with the 1080 port proxy either.
  4. heroinhead

    How do I use Proxies?

    I am trying to use a proxy with my client. I have Extended VIP membership, I entered in proxies I got from http://proxylist.hidemyass.com, and I followed the video tutorial on Tribots Youtube channel posted below. However, I keep getting the message "could not connect to the specified proxy". Can someone help me out here please? Thanks
  5. I am trying to run the DH Absorbtions combat method and it will not eat the rock cake. What settings am I missing here? Btw, I am using this on a 1 def pure not a dharoker, but it worked in the past for me on an account similar to this about a year ago. I have included the rock cakes item ID in the list of items. Currently, my players HP is below 50 and I am not using overloads. Thanks
  6. My bot won't run. As soon as I click Start Script, an infinite number of lines of this code starts showing up under client debug: java.lang.ClassCastException Status Says: Setting world.. to our current world which is Here's what bot debug says (click to enlarge):
  7. When I use the dharok absorbtion method on my pure, it drinks overload first, then absorb pots and then it starts to eat the rock cake constantly. What am i doing wrong? I think for the first day or so after you complete the Mountain Dwarf part of RFD your rock cake has the ID 7509, and after that it has 7910 so I think this is the problem.
  8. Hey Erick, Will the absorbtion method ever be usable by 1 def pures w/o dharoks armor? Its such an amazing method to miss out on for accounts with prayer below 43 and 1 defense.
  9. MTD gear is the armor from fight arena, and bear mask, and a staff usually.
  10. The DHAROK_ABSORBTIONS option is not working properly: When the minigame first starts, the bot drinks absorption potions before eating the rock cake, then eats the rock take. So the damage mitigation points from the absorption potions are being lowered by the rock cake, not the players actual life points. And before the bot eats to 1 hit point, it uses another dose of absorption potion. So it is stuck in this cycle. I would like for the script to eat the rock cake to 51 hp and then use overloads, and then pray flick rapid restore. If you do make corrections to the script, please have the player end up with 1 life point, instead of 2 (very important). Thanks!
  11. A couple concerns with script: (1) I am using magic short bow, and the bot is not using the special attack for some reason. I have the correct weapon ID in there, and the correct spec use percentage. (2) Is there a way to prevent the bot from picking up arrows? This is an xp waste that isn't really worth the gold saved. By the way, I've gotten multiple 99s with this script. Its amazing and Jagex is not banning people who use NMZ to train combat apparently. I've botted 18+ hrs a day for months with no bans. Thank you! -heroinhead
  12. Yes, you were right. And I chose to "Allow Always" regarding the firewall prompt. Script is working great now! Great script and great customer service, thanks.
  13. The bot will run for about 15 minutes then it logged out. I start the bot inside of NMZ and set it to play 1 game. Also, the script does not switch to my special attack weapon and starting speccing when power surge is activated. How do I fix this?