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  1. @jimy In order to use 2captcha you will have to create an account at https://2captcha.com/. Then you'll need to add funds to the account and copy your API key from the main page. Paste the API key in the 2Captcha key field during the script setup for Fluffee's Tutorial Island Script.
  2. You could just use Tribots script que. After it mines essence for a specified period have it switch to a rc bot.
  3. @Worthy Thank you so much for this tutorial. Using this framework has helped me tremendously. Cheers!
  4. That's strange. I've used it recently and it works fine for me. What error were you getting when trying to compile?
  5. Once your script is compiled you need to copy your compiled class files / folders into the tribot bin folder. On windows search for %appdata%, open the .tribot directory and look for the bin folder. Open it up and copy your files over. Once you've done this start tribot and login. Go to run script and look for your script in the category you specified in @ScriptManifest. You'll need VIP to be able to run the script.
  6. For those who need help getting this up and running; I've created a blog post that should hopefully help you get started. It has all the info / links to get the script started and generating accounts for you, as well as info on having this done automatically. Hope this helps!
  7. From the FAQ: That explains how you can generate values for emails/passwords/account names. As far as having a custom output for the username/passcodes, that's programmed into the script itself. The script it open source, so I assume you could probably edit the source code with a custom arg or output folder, and compile your own version. You could also use software like total commander or dropbox, or something similar to sync the output folder with another. You can program walk to during your initial setup of the script. Just select where you want the final destination to be in the window below.
  8. COMMAND LINE SCRIPT QUE! OMG I LOVE YOU! To think I was about to write an AHK script to schedule script que launches. You guys are the best! Will be testing out this client for sure!
  9. Automating Account Creation Hello fellow botters! In this guide I will show you the steps you need to take to automate the creation of Runescape accounts. At the end of this tutorial you should be able to easily create an unlimited amount of runescape accounts at just the click of a button! You could even schedule it as a task and have a PC dedicated to creating new accounts! In this guide I assume you understand how to: add/run scripts, use script commands, configure proxy settings, and launch Tribot from the windows command prompt. If not I suggest you check out some of the links provided in the details table below. Let's get to it! Details Start point This blog post Official difficulty Novice Description Creating new bot accounts can be a mess! It's the Duke of Lumbridge's birthday and he wants some RSGP. He needs a lot of bot accounts and doesn't have much time. Official length Medium Requirements Fluffee's Tutorial Island Script Valid 2captcha key Basic understanding of batch file scripting (can be obtained during quest) I recommend using a proxy in order to hide your home IP. Items required A PC running Windows Helpful Links Getting Started with TRiBot Running TRiBot through the command line Getting Started The first thing you'll need to do is activate Fluffee's Tutorial Island script to your TRiBot account. You will also need to visit this LINK, create a 2captcha account, add some funds, and take note of your 2captcha key. You will need this key for later. This key will allow the Fluffee's script to access the 2captcha API, which is needed for it to automatically create a Runescape account. Note: 2captcha is not free, however I have found it to be very cheap. After creating 10 accounts with the script it only cost me around 0.04 USD. In other words, it should only cost you a fraction of a penny to create a single Runescape account! Setting up Fluffee's Tutorial Island Open up TRiBot and start a new client. Once the client is loaded click "Start Script" and run Fluffee's Tutorial Island script from the script starting menu. Make sure to enter your 2captcha key while setting up the script. I recommend reading the documentation on the scripts thread for information on how to set it up. Set up the script to your preference. I recommend setting up a proxy within the proxy settings of the script in order to hide your public IP. Fluffee's Tutorial Island thread. Copy of Fluffee's Tutorial Island FAQ: Preparing a batch script With the script setup and profile saved we're ready to automate the launch process. To do this we will be creating a batch script that will load TRiBot and run Fluffee's Tutorial Island script with our saved profile. Open up notepad and copy the code below. You will need to change a few values in order to match the configuration on your system. All values that are capitalized should be changed to your information. Once you have completed editing your batch script, be sure to save it your desktop with a .bat extension. @echo off cd C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\dependancies\ java -jar TRiBot-10.24.1.jar --username "YOUR_TRIBOT_USERNAME" --password "YOUR_TRIBOT_PASSWORD" --charusername "[email protected]" --charpassword "botting_password" --charworld "434" --script "Fluffees Tutorial Island" --scriptargs "settingsFile:YOUR_SCRIPT_SETTINGS_FILE.json;" --proxyhost "YOUR_PROXY_IP" --proxyport "YOUR_PROXY_PORT" --proxyusername "YOUR_PROXY_USERNAME" --proxypassword "YOUR_PROXY_PASSWORD" --disablefwall --mem 386 All systems go! If you've set everything up correctly, you should be able to simply run the batch file and have accounts being made automatically! For further automation you could even schedule this as a task in windows task scheduler and have accounts made whenever you like. The script will save the accounts usernames / passwords in a file located in: C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\.tribot\FluffeeScripts\TutorialIsland\ Rewards 1 Quest Point 300 Botting experience Ability to create an infinite amount of runescape accounts!
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