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  1. Man, all of your scripts are so smooth! Really loving this one right now. Question though, why does the wiki say you can smelt 6k steel bars an hour? This script seems to be at max efficiency and is doing less than half that? Is the wiki wrong or am I missing something..
  2. I cant get the script to work. It ran to the grand exchange, opened bank and then stops. https://pastebin.com/wRnGP9dw
  3. Thats awesome dude! I will be one of the first to buy :]
  4. Anyone have any suggestions on settings to use to maximize crates gained? I seem to be failing to get 500 points every few matches which kinda sucks. More food in the inventory maybe? fixing brazier option on?
  5. OOOOH! Whats your timeline? Im sad the other quest script is being discontinued
  6. When restocking, is it possible to start training with only the partial amount of supplies purchased? I have 2000/3000 supplies purchased and instead of waiting for the rest of the supplies, just start doing the task?
  7. My apologies, I completed the quest manually and didn't screen shot anything. I will do that in the future. Only info I have is that it got stuck in the bank and the next step was to talk to the chemist in Rimmington.
  8. Issue with biohazard, stuck in falador with the bank open. Not sure how to get the debugging info, if i figure it out ill edit my post.
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