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  1. can you make the fire runes method ring of dueling more random... after teleporting to castle wars it runs into the corner of the boxes near the bank chest all the time....any veteran rs player would know its a bot...please....paid script and can't even have random pathing....etc wtf...
  2. Can i still use this script? if i paid 10 credits last year? im pretty sure last year it wasn't a monthly payment o.0 dont remember lol
  3. i dont know hey, i just tick check boxes for stamina pots and lobster from the drop down menu never eats, never drinks maybe coz i never lose hp or run. next time ill screen shop the spot i was stuck as well. i just dont know how to copy and paste the client bug and all that stuff for you so i had to screenshot it i dont know what settings i used , but it logs out and back in a lot and keeps botting for a bit...(which is good) i didnt want to bot 6 horus straight no breaks but it breaks for me which i dont know if i set it at that or your script randomly times a break / afk . good shit.
  4. how do i find whats wrong? i just restarted and its fixed again...but im waiting to see if it passes the 4 hour mark this time. and my settings ummm tbh..i dont know...ic hange some mouse values etc so its not standard umm best anti ban options, etc stamina pots dont work...nor does food... so i dunno whats wrong woke up and saw bot logging in and out standing the same spot on rooftop lol.
  5. WHAT A WASTE OF FUCKING MONEY just watched the bot log in and log out for what...5 minutes.... https://gyazo.com/630b74b597cf1c831716533687cdd2be shit premium script.
  6. wow..i always start with 2m cash for dharoks. was at 1.8m then i come back 10 minutes later to see how its going...all my cash gone... it literally traded all 1.8m to one of those bots..(yes i did get into dream and was training) literally means..this bot just gave all cash...instead of 20k like i set it at...=/
  7. i just got banned on my main. Heres the thing with botting.. once you bot...never stop botting it. but use break handlers and bot maximum 8-10 hours at the same time. not overnight few days and then randomly during the day etc. they monitor...they cant really detect the client. tri did a good job on that. I botted since level 70 then did quests. then hardout bot fletch/craft/cook/mining etc no ban stopped my bot for 2 days, played legit for 20 hours...ban during playing legit...mouse movements/speed was so different. aka easy ban suggestion : When you bot for long hours. and want to play legit. just dont log into the account for 24 hours. before playing legit. anyone who denys this..well ill prove you wrong..this hasn't happened once.. safer to bot 8-10 hours a day with breaks same time. than to bot 5 hours and then play a few hours legit. MOUSE SPEED IS SO EASY TO MONITOR. tri has mention this before. if a scripter has a script for every catogory...stick with him...his mouse coding is the same for all scripts etc or something. each scripter has dif mouse speed settings and positioning when idle etc you get it. my tip of the day.
  8. tbh i've been banned over 5 times for bottign from 2006-2014 never changed ip only times i've been banned was when i decided to start suicide botting / woodcutting (always gets banned) ip change means nothing. they dont even look into your ip..if thats true..i think i'd be banned everytime.
  9. hmm im not really keen on paying for only this amount of quests =/ i mean...for this price...i can pay for 99 crafting if you know what i mean when will more quests be added? o.0
  10. @Arckos dragonhide wont work. banks them all and says we are out of...
  11. @The Black Tux keeps saying invalid code edit: gave me 2nd code and it works thanks
  12. hey, how much for fire cape im : 76 ranged 88hp 80 def 70 prayer