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  1. Why didnt you read what you where going to purchase..?
  2. Hm okay thanks, but how do I change the heap size? http://puu.sh/dMnP5/da10732cbc.png is the message I got. I followed this tut: http://www.wikihow.com/Increase-Java-Memory-in-Windows-7 But I have 3 lines in my ''view'' menu. Which one should I edit, And for 3 clients I'd have to allocate 640MB, According to Trilez, right? edit2: Holy hell, After too much trial and error in a lot of different places I just found out I can allocate heap size in the tribot login menu.. Ehhh haha. Thanks for the help though! edit; ive got these lines in my JRE settings; http://puu.sh/dMo7O/99e335a244.png
  3. Q1: My keyboard input doesnt seem to work when I have bots running, annoying when I run them supervised on my 3rd screen and when I see people asking questions. How can I get key input to work? Q2: When I started my 3rd client it said it needed more space(?not sure what the exact text was) because if I didnt allocate it more space (?) it could cause the bots to crash a few hours into bots. How can I fix this? Thanks!
  4. Can you post some screenshots/Proof? Sounds to good to be true.
  5. I cant find the threads about people being unbanned, so i am not sure if it was about botting. Macro appeals where never read though. Never for an instance was any macro report read, heck, almost no reports are read. Offensive language? Automated. - Appealing a lost account? - Automated.
  6. testosterone pills? PILLS? :") What. Never heard of test pills.
  7. Clenbuterol and Dexaprine are both really worth their money.,
  8. I am sure there are some unbans from people who are banned for botting but claim they where not botting - on reddit.com/r/runescape - There are a few jmods there on a regular bases who some times make bans undone.
  9. Hey, I kinda have the same problem. Trying to purchase with paypal, it links me to the repositery(?) and says I dont have any credits. I cant purchase credits with paypal though. Tried a lot to get this to work.