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  1. When adding me on skype make sure you say TRiBot Credits in the add message with your TRiBot name. Current Amount of Credits sold: 3457
  2. Hmm, i thought that already existed.
  3. I just lost all my accounts aswell, such a pain. Giving up once again rip
  4. Regular VIP: 3.5M Extended VIP: 4.5M How to order 1. https://rsviolent.com/index.php Make your way to that website. Once your on the website click buy now. 2. You'll be given a world and location to buy the VIP Voucher. 3. Once you trade the username on the site click Already purchased? Claim your code now! 4. Type in the EXACT username you traded the money with. then hit submit. 5. Code will appear the submit button. 6. Make your way to https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?app=vip 7. Paste your code and then hit activate. Enjoy Terms of Service: You will go first, No Refunds. By Buying you automatically are binded to these Terms of Service. Want to buy Runescape Membership or Bonds? Click here!
  5. Skype: RsViolent Add me on skype if you need middleman we will talk there. I do most kinds of trades.
  6. add my skype RSViolent or come on livechat www.rsviolent.com
  7. forver lonely bawt
  8. Looks amazing :] Could you make it so we can make a nickname for the account? just like in the proxy
  9. No one is going to sell you for 2m 3.5m 07 and i can
  10. Lost City
  11. nice sig