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  1. Question 27

    Hmm, i thought that already existed.
  2. TRiBot Release 9.06_0

    Looks amazing :] Could you make it so we can make a nickname for the account? just like in the proxy
  3. [Mostly Outdated] qqqQuests

    Lost City
  4. 2.3m for all this!

    nice sig
  5. TRiBot Release 9.05_0

    Thanks for the update, was it just me or did i see an ad when i loaded the client
  6. Hi Everyone!

    I can verify that she is Ziggily from Sythe. Finally got her to get active on here.... Known Kaytlin for a few months now, and she is actually a female
  7. TRiBot Release 9.04_0

    The login bot can now get past the PvP warning. YES, THANKS SO MUCH TRILEZ <3
  8. TRiBot Release 9.03_0

    Another solid update, i believe the poster above was referring to sometimes when you login to pvp worlds it gives you another confirmation that you have to hit continue and then use the login bot. Keep it up
  9. [Mostly Outdated] qqqQuests

    I feel i need to give you some support, Witchs Potion - glitchy when getting newt, rat tail and raw meat/cooking. Other then that, keep it up man.
  10. In trade herb ID'er

    If you want to find out the Id of the herb you can just go debug > inventory and you'll know the ID of the herb which you can lookup for the name online.
  11. [Free][Tools] Texan's Shield Stasher

    I think it's time this script is reborn.
  12. Yoloswag/Bawsz

    Welcome back buddy, try not to make an account unbanning service and you'll be fine
  13. I THINK ITS TIME TO BUY such merch much money amaze wow

    god demmit eric
  15. Diablo 3 Auction House Shutting Down

    I remember being so hyped for it, played for a about a week and quit