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  1. im so stuck, ill pay $5 for help!

    sorry went to eat. Have you tried delteing the download folder and starting again? seem like its an issue with the tribot file.
  2. im so stuck, ill pay $5 for help!

    Ah ok. Thats not so bad then for a moment I thought it may have been a mod trying to abuse his powers for a measly $5 lol. I wrote about VIP as he will need it if he wants to run any scripts. Carry on all.
  3. im so stuck, ill pay $5 for help!

    Umm excuse me montreal did you just delete my post? I made a post at 7:34 on this thread and it posted correctly. (I clicked back on the thread not long after) and i now see your post at 7.38 and my post has been removed/gone.
  4. Pay for VIP with Bitcoins

    Yes you can... You can use bitcoin anywhere and the coinbase payment system works worldwide. What issue are you having? Also Tri are you converting the bitcoin directly into cash with coinbase or are you storing the bitcoin for yourself? Also about time this was implemented
  5. How many bots can my computer run?

    I have first gen i5 760. Most i can run is 8-10 clients and the most bot I ever ran was 16 with 4 clients of 4 bots. So i would expect 10-15 bots from your pc. the I7 will handle the 25+ you want.
  6. 20 bot computer build

    Graphics card has nothing to do with botting. It is all CPU based. Imo the i7 would be your best option and would comfortably run 20bots and even over 30. I helped friend get started with botting and he managed to earn enough to buy an i7-4770 pc for just under £400. I have a first gen i5 760 and that can run around 10 clients at once. I have ran 16 at most with 4 clients and 4 tabs.
  7. TRiBot Release 8.12_0

    At this point I do not believe that there is any fail safe in place. However you could set up a fail safe of your own and use 1 of your socks proxies or a VPN to keep your IP masked. Incase of Disconnection, also if you are using a VPN and truly paranoid you can enable a kill switch will disable all internet access should the VPN lose connection.
  8. TRiBot Release 8.13_0

    Another good update. Tribot is coming out with some excellent features currently. Looking forward to seeing what else is in the works.
  9. Fake links and banned accounts

    If anyone is real paranoid then you can also use VirusTotal to scan files/websites for malcious threats. https://www.virustotal.com/en/#url
  10. TRiBot Release 8.12_0

    Try Deleting then re-entering your password to tribot.
  11. Proof TRiBot is detectable

    This is what happens when your accounts are banned, you will log in then be able to maybe access a few items/move a few step then are disconnected. This means if you know an account is likely to have been banned and is next to a bank have it log in and attempt to drop any high value materials on the ground. if the account disconnects a few seconds later you may have time to go recover those materials (exactly 60seconds until they appear). A friend managed to save 10m+ of bows from fletching accounts using this trick. I Have personally lost 7 accounts today and then lost 3 last week including a main with 200m+ on it, GF jagex $400 gone. Time to make more accounts and earn it back.
  12. 100% CPU, what do you do?

    Yes it is indeed. However that being said no one had yet addressed OP's original question "100% CPU, what do you do?" While overclocking would increase his performance it will do nothing to lowering the current amount of CPU being used.
  13. Sounds good, Seeing as it was Beta I figured I would give some feedback on it. If you update it and re-release i may give it another go of testing and edit my comments for the thread. Edit: Im really looking forward to you level 3 trainer. Will be good having a script that can be run on basic new accounts and be given some useful random skills.
  14. Proxy Setting Support On Client.

    Good To see this implemented. Thanks Tribot. Community seems to like the idea of it so far!
  15. TRiBot Release 8.12_0

    Also some proxy's avalible are high anonymity meaning they will even disguse the fact that you are hiding your IP behind a proxy. But like Yoho said many people use proxies. Heck even now-a-days thanks to the NSA more and more people are choosing to use VPN's to protect their network traffic.