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  1. Just a bit of an update for you since it's been a week since I've posted here. The script continues to operate really well for me. This is definitely a script that requires a bit of user experience to ensure smooth operation but that's to be expected from a script that has only been used privately up until now. I am curious what causes the bot to hop to a non PvP world though, did you ever experience this @Beg ? It's only really an issue atm after the DDoS attacks and the new dialogue menu that is warning players about excessive hopping resulting in queues. It would be nice if you could add a quick fix to the script so it doesn't get stuck on this message. Currently I have to manual hop once on every new acccout to trigger the message which isnt a big deal but would definitely improve QoL if you added a fix to support this menu. 10 accounts, 200m profit this weekend so far. GG ez. Edit: Ive also caught the script getting stuck on "Report player" window, no idea why its even trying to report other players in camelot, might be a missclick on the bank perhaps? Edit2: Still haven't really been able to get the muling to work, do you have more specific instructions or guides on how to properly operate this? I know its technically a manual mule, but when is the best time to trade the bot? And are there any restrictions with mule name EG: Having spaces in the name causing issues. I've encountered issues with Mules with spaces in their name before. My current mule has many spaces in it so just curious if this is why it's not functioning properly for me.
  2. One issue with the mule is that it doesn't allow the trade - atleast I couldn't get it to. The script logs out when it doesn't have resources, but it also wont pause when its low either. So there's no window of opportunity to manually trade the bot from the mule and allow it to do it's thing. Is it possible to get like a sleep condition to wait for trade from allocated mule and end's sleep when trade appears in trade window? Let me know if that doesn't make sense XD
  3. Am getting same issue @dgreg Doesn't seem to recognize earth runes or staff of air properly in lumb or camelot. Waterfall quest time xd
  4. Just finished an 8 hour session flawlessly. Haven't been able to reproduce the crash that I linked earlier. If you've changed something since my post then it looks to of worked. Will keep you posted
  5. ahhh is that what this msg means @Beg? i get this message whenever the crash occurs [03:00:10] Script Started: BEG Poh Planks. [03:00:15] Selected pvp world: 325. [03:00:16] Selected method: PlankOption{planksName='Oak plank', logsName='Oak logs', unnotedLogsId=1521, notedLogsId=1522, minCoins=16250, maxCoins=600000, coinsPerPlank=300}. [03:00:16] Selected bank: CAMELOT_PVP. [03:00:35] java.lang.NullPointerException [03:00:35] at scripts.api.ub.F(AntiBan.java:339) [03:00:35] at scripts.api.ub.K(AntiBan.java:464) [03:00:35] at scripts.pohPlanks.q.q.z.K(TeleportToPOH.java:65) [03:00:35] at org.tribot.api.Timing.waitCondition(qk:79) [03:00:35] at scripts.pohPlanks.q.q.z.F(TeleportToPOH.java:64) [03:00:35] at scripts.pohPlanks.Main.run(Main.java:336) [03:00:35] at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source) [03:00:39] Script Ended: BEG Poh Planks.
  6. @Beg Planks per hour is impressive asf, only thing i ran into was it for some reason would open the settings tab (the interface where you disable roofs) and get stuck and stop. I also got a stuck at banking issue aswell but i was afk when it happened lol. I've run this script 3 times so far. Try 1: Ran for 2 hours without any issue. Stopped to sell 12k planks and laws as i realized i had no where near enough of those Try 2: Ran for 30mins got stuck somewhere and crashed. I was ask this time aswell so i dont really know what happened. Try 3: Ran for 30mins was afk making dinner lol but came back to login screen sorry Try 4: Crashed immediately as first action was to open the interface menu mentioned at the beginning of this post. What do you reckon i should do to combat this bro?
  7. this looks fucking dope dude. gonna migrate some of my bots with the reqs over to this script in a few hours. Will let you know how things go. How much gp does it withdraw each time? Will it only take like 100k at a time incase you get pk'd or will it hold millions of gp. See way to many vids on youtube of plank bots getting killed with like 10-30m stacks lmao. Shot bro!
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