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  1. I'd just like to give a huge thanks to this amazing script. Not 1 ban yet, flawless and awesome script.
  2. What a sad bunch of replies which is why I stopped posting threads here.
  3. Thank you I've done the basics and doing extras now and again thanks for your time for looking into this
  4. Done
  5. Im sorry about that, ive done both of what youve asked me
  6. Done, im sorry if its a bit messy, im still a beginner
  7. I've got an assignment which I've completed for the basic compulsory section and im now doing the extra section to access more marks. The assignment is to put marks 0-100 and assign a star to a category depending on what mark you input. I've completed this part but now I have make it so it calculates the lowest, highest and average marks based on the inputs. I can paste the coding in here or if anyone would like to add my skype (galvanize_x) feel free to do so. Any help is appreciated and again this is only an extra so there is no rush. Thank you EDIT: Ive done the average marks, now whats left is to show the lowest, highest and how many students passed the test (40 marks). I keep trying but it doesnt show anything when I run the project. Assignment: http://pastebin.com/qkgZHufN int first = 0;int second = 0;int third = 0;int forth = 0;int marks = 0;int m1 = 0;int m2 = 0;int m3 = 0;int m4 = 0;int star1 = 0;int star2 = 0;int star3 = 0;int star4 = 0;int totalmarks = 0;int totalstudents = 0;int min = 0;int max = 0; Scanner input = new Scanner (System.in);System.out.println( "Enter number of marks "); // TODO code application logic heremarks = input.nextInt(); while ( marks <= 100) if (marks <=29) {first = first + 1; m1 = m1 + marks;System.out.println(" Enter numbers of marks ");marks = input.nextInt();} else if ( marks >= 30 && marks <= 39){second = second + 1;m2 = m2 + marks;System.out.println(" Enter numbers of marks "); marks = input.nextInt();} else if (marks >= 40 && marks <= 69) {third = third + 1;m3 = m3 + marks;System.out.println(" Enter numbers of marks ");marks = input.nextInt(); } else if (marks >= 70 && marks <= 100) {forth = forth + 1;m4 = m4 + marks;System.out.println(" Enter numbers of marks ");marks = input.nextInt(); } System.out.print("0-29");while ( star1 < first){ System.out.print(" *"); star1 = star1 + 1; } System.out.println(""); System.out.print("30-39"); while (star2 < second) { System.out.print(" *"); star2 = star2 + 1; } System.out.println(""); System.out.print("40-69"); while ( star3 < third ) { System.out.print(" *"); star3 = star3 + 1; } System.out.println(""); System.out.print("70-100"); while (star4<forth) { System.out.print(" *"); star4 = star4 + 1; } System.out.println(""); totalstudents = first+second+third+forth; System.out.println(" There are " + totalstudents + " students in total " ); totalmarks = m1 + m2 + m3 + m4; double average; average = totalmarks/totalstudents; System.out.println(" Average = " + average); for (int x = 0; x<input.nextInt(); x++){ totalmarks = input.nextInt(); if (x == 0 || totalmarks > max){ max = totalmarks; } if (x == 0 || totalmarks < min){ min = totalmarks; } } System.out.println("Highest value: " + max); System.out.println("Lowest value: " + min); } }
  8. please delete i solved it
  9. so how do i get this looking glass? do I have to purchase vip? bcos if yes ill buy it now
  10. any reason as to why it keeps clicking on my overload? it stops attacking by doing this, im new to this script sorry for a nooby question edit: my weapon ID for sara sword was wrong xD Nevertheless great script really needed a nmz bot
  11. The only way to buy credits is through bitcoins or credit card
  12. Ok so I just tried purchasing 40 credits to buy some scripts and it says my card has been declined. Ive bought with this card before so I have no idea as to why its saying this. I bought stuff off other sites to see if it was my card but I was having successful transaction. Is this only happening to me or what?
  13. May I ask what your break time is?