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  1. While blackjacking, the script always ends up turning auto retaliate on and kills the NPC. I wish this wasn't the case considering the interface is quite lovely. Is this because I'm using looking class and it doesn't lure in time?
  2. Hey @Fluffee I've been having some trouble running tribot looking glass since the most recent osrs update this morning. I re-downloaded the OSRS open client to get the newest version, however tribot can't seem to find it when I use looking glass. Any tips? Thanks,
  3. Nice script, interface is great. Would be nice if Arctic Pine trees in Neitznot were added tho
  4. @Fluffee Problem solved! Thanks a ton Fluff
  5. Hi guys, I've invested in the VIP extended specifically for the looking glass feature, however I cannot get it to work. I've attempted to follow many guides on the forums but whenever it loads it always results in a black screen. The client loads without using looking glass so I think it's having an issue hooking into the client I use, which is OSBuddy. I suspect this may be due to using a 64-bit rather than a 32-bit, but I don't see any downloads for a 32-bit for mac? I've attached an image of the loader error that I get. Can someone please give me some step by step guidance? I am not tech savvy so I really don't understand what all this computer/program lingo means. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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