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  1. dude all the scripts I have been using on my main for the past 2 weeks. they WORK!
  2. LOL are you guys being serious!?
  3. Hello everyone! I need to get my prayer up! It seems like there is always someone camping at the choas alter. I need some protection and im offering a bond in exchange for protection. Anyone interested?
  4. thanks for sharing, what will you move on to now? RS3 or another game?
  5. Oh TBH i just want to bot while i go to the gym, run errands such as grocery shopping or even when I'm on the toilet pooping xD . Not tryna make money off osrs.
  6. Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a awesome day! New to botting and was curious about the hobby. I’m a returning player and since I’m older I would like to get back into osrs. It crazy at the time I didn’t really understand the concept of the game. But as I’m older I realized that osrs is way ahead of its time!!!
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