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  1. the script already has a failsafe I believe when the bank is full. I was just using it to collect money from a mule, and the script would end and I'd have to manually drop items from the bank until it was less than 400 for the script to start and work properly. Was just hoping to have a setting in the future that would implement junk item dropping with a possible setting on only doing it if it has more than an "X" amount of bank spaces being used.
  2. Could you try getting a drop task for junk items because my bots keep getting stuck trying to deposit with a full bank. How would I make it drop junk which settinggs
  3. can you make an option to drop junk items if it has more than 400 bank spaces and f2p? Also, could you make another option to turn private off if it is already not an option?
  4. is it getting stuck worldhopping for anyone? i keep finding some accounts stuck at login screen giving a login error for too many attempts.
  5. https://gyazo.com/2c1df108057ab36e8e25b44f7d021005 Runescape is currently getting ddos attacked, and as a result you cannot worldhop through the game, you have to logout and logback in to switch worlds. Could you possible add a failsafe to detect if it gets the error code I put in the screenshot, and to worldhop the proper way after to switch worlds. It currently gets stuck when people attempt to PK you, and when it worldhops when too many people are in your location.
  6. can you add a failsafe to for if accounts do not have the required attack level to wield a weapon as well. for example, i use an abyssal whip but some random accounts i get are like 60 attack and cannot wield the whip. is there an option where if its not 70 attack, it'll purchase a viggoras chainmace instead and sell the whip?
  7. any way for you to make it so that if the bot starts, and cannot wield an anti-fire dragon should, it will teleport to the champions guild, start dragons slayer then equip the antifire dragon shield to use for the bot? If it hasn't started or completed dragon slayer, it will keep spam clicking the anti dragon shield. Some accs I get are haven't started dragon slayer and have to just talk to the guy to start the quest to wield. thanks
  8. @Worthy i have it set to use god cloaks right now as not all my accounts have god capes, is it possible to add a feature where if it detects a god cape while using a cloak it will switch to the god cape? I have lots of accounts with different types of capes unfortunately and its hard to remember which one has what so it would be helpful if it could automatically check for the gods capes if its not a silly idea
  9. can vouch its glitchy when paused and using switching tabs in the bank it goes back to the general tab basically instantly. also noticed that the blowpipe isn't calculating the expenses. no big deal really i'm sure itll get fixed over time
  10. lol sorta just figured lg wasn't worth it tbh, just a waste of time and lag in my opinion. Maybe look into client ID Spoofing or something so jagex can't see its tribot instead?
  11. running druidic again soon to test if it crashes or not, i tried client of kourend it has nothing show up in the client debug / bot debug. Talks to Veos and does not start the quest https://gyazo.com/d6642866f30dd4cf602c6bc12cb7e444
  12. script keeps glitching and does not let me hit stop script, script graphics stay there but the bot stops doing its task. Had to close the client so i could restart the script with new settings since i achieved a certain level. also glitches out for a lot of stalls.
  13. I just ran the script again and it got stuck withdrawing items for druidic ritual saying the same error code i posted above. also, for tree gnome village quest during the khzazard warlord fight, can you add something to worldhop if another player is fighting the khazard warlord so it does not keep spam clicking until its your turn to fight?
  14. when fighting certain bosses that is one player, can you add in world hopping if that monster is already in combat? i forgot to report this earlier, it just keeps spam clicking until the monster is ready for combat and can sort of look bot like. i am doing another run right now so will let you know which possible bosses it can get stuck on if i find it. this isn't very serious, rare occurence but does happen every so often. also possible to add a setting so it remembers what it was wearing at quest start and reequip when it can? trying to have the bots look less noticeable
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