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  1. how long did you last before getting those 2 bans? do you think i'd be able to survive 2+ weeks easily before a ban?
  2. anyone had bans on this? could see slayer having a pretty low ban rate
  3. the xp checking would be alot better, is it possible to have abc10 implemented? i had some bans within the first 24 hours, some are going for 48+, i'm trying to hit the 100 hour mark
  4. i used afk enchanting and still got banned, is there any anti ban in the script? And is it possible to add anti ban like checking magic xp, checking different tabs like inventory tab, combat tab, etc. to reduce the ban rate so i don't get banned the first night.
  5. got banned first night any suggestions to fix so i dont get banned? anything in the setings
  6. hows the ban rate on this script has anyone managed to last 2+ days before a ban?
  7. Here is a gif of what it is doing, it keeps trying to select a world but gets stuck on the text box. I know it says nGreen Dragon Killer but its not working on both scripts https://gyazo.com/c2f6d152aa080ddc76c09daae0aac8f8
  8. I am using n restocker to trade a mule over some coins, however when it goes to worldhop it gets stuck here and keeps clicking until I stop the script. Anyway to make the script proceed in the chat box instead of getting stuck world hopping? It is a one time message that goes away if you tell it to stop appearing. https://gyazo.com/7e576c4a317ff51a1330b5ab7d166de9
  9. Trying to use this to import accounts from a text file as I was doing before, but does not seem to import the accounts anymore. Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?
  10. I tried port forwarding to use a mule on a different computer following this guide however I get connection failure still when I try to connect the bot to the mule. I am forwarding to port 45008
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