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  1. lol sorta just figured lg wasn't worth it tbh, just a waste of time and lag in my opinion. Maybe look into client ID Spoofing or something so jagex can't see its tribot instead?
  2. running druidic again soon to test if it crashes or not, i tried client of kourend it has nothing show up in the client debug / bot debug. Talks to Veos and does not start the quest https://gyazo.com/d6642866f30dd4cf602c6bc12cb7e444
  3. script keeps glitching and does not let me hit stop script, script graphics stay there but the bot stops doing its task. Had to close the client so i could restart the script with new settings since i achieved a certain level. also glitches out for a lot of stalls.
  4. I just ran the script again and it got stuck withdrawing items for druidic ritual saying the same error code i posted above. also, for tree gnome village quest during the khzazard warlord fight, can you add something to worldhop if another player is fighting the khazard warlord so it does not keep spam clicking until its your turn to fight?
  5. when fighting certain bosses that is one player, can you add in world hopping if that monster is already in combat? i forgot to report this earlier, it just keeps spam clicking until the monster is ready for combat and can sort of look bot like. i am doing another run right now so will let you know which possible bosses it can get stuck on if i find it. this isn't very serious, rare occurence but does happen every so often. also possible to add a setting so it remembers what it was wearing at quest start and reequip when it can? trying to have the bots look less noticeable
  6. all your accounts got banned instantly at once? i was doing it so i had 1 proxy per 2 accounts, and had 10 accounts all banned at the same time in the morning.
  7. I just sent a support message to my proxy provider asking if my proxies were previously used, and also asked for unused proxies if mine were prevoiously used. Did you use the same proxy provider as me when you found out you were getting previously used IP addresses? And what was it like for when you got banned with them? Would you run a script and be fine, then get banned the next morning or something?
  8. the answer to this would be a solid no. tribot is only for osrs (maybe rs3, i read its unsupported somewhere now) for botting on a private server, you'd need a different botting client or a simple bot like an auto clicker you program to do something
  9. I'm botting accounts with a proxy that are at the ge. They don't have registered emails, and are getting banned within 24-48 hours. Does anyone think if I started registering the emails if they'd be less likely to be banned for botting or would last longer? I've tried looking glass but it laggs the crap out of my computer on 5-10 accounts.
  10. awesome, i also just realized after i posted that you did post the link above, but always better to post again because some people are lazy and wont see earlier posts
  11. Don't see any guides in your post I should be able to help though I could only get osbuddy to work with looking glass. Download OSBuddy (the cross plat form version / jar file), open the osbuddy and load it then minimze. Open tribot via java jdk, and click looking glass it should connect to your osbuddy client.
  12. you don't think even the deciated socks5 proxies they sell would be good and possibly unflagged? i'll look for another proxy provider and see if i get less bans through it
  13. is blazing seo llc any good? i'd put a link but dont think its allowed on forums would rather not risk it. i've been having lots of accounts banned very fast every morning the next day, trying to figure out what im doing wrong.
  14. Pretty sure I read somewhere runelite doesn't work. I couldn't ever get it to work ever Also, I tried the new OSRS client on my main and got a bot bust ban. I forgot to turn off the bot during jagex hours, but I used to always bot during jagex hours on my main with Osbuddy looking glass and never got a ban. Could be just me or the client possibly so I'd suggest using osbuddy even though it uses higher specs
  15. argument: Purchase;usedueling;useglory;usecombatbrace;staminacount:2;staminapurchasecount:8;stamina;witchspotion;doricsquest;impcatcher;witchshouse;waterfall;vampireslayer;treegnomevillage;fightarena;cooksassistant;druidicritual;blackknightsfortress;recruitmentdrive;plaguecity;biohazard;hazeelcult;xmarksthespot;xskill:agility;endatge;mousespeed:150 screenshot (bot ended before i saw): https://gyazo.com/3dcb56205dd4cc86071a8bba1072dde7 client debug: https://pastebin.com/EtnWTt0U bot debug: https://pastebin.com/JpfTD4kX more info: bot crashes getting quest items to start druidic ritual after completing many before. client debug says before script ends as posted above. [00:23:48] Missing item: Rat meat [00:23:48] We have failed the previous task: DruidicRitual
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