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  1. Best settings to not get banned? Thanks, seems my settings the bot get a little funky when the jad phase when zulrah is to the left side. Not sure,, anyways best settings would be best. Thanks, overall amazing bot and very happy customer. i just got a 2 day ban so not sure if that was from this or not, going to be more careful...
  2. hello are these services still available? Thanks and let me know
  3. Also, not sure if this is known but i found a glitch maybe when you zoom in on the camera the bot resets the loop and goes back to edge bank and re setups the inventory and teleports back. So far its done it with moss giants and elves. But yeah,
  4. No problem, and see i can use camera movement on other scripts. Do i have to configure certain settings? im not using looking glass nor am i on the special client. Just the regular one. Let me know if its on my end.
  5. Epic Bot. Really done a good job. A few concerns though, i can't move camera during the script. That is pretty annoying as i like to move it myself sometimes, also would you ever consider adding support for a higher level slayer master? Thanks!
  6. Would this bot ever support pouches? Seems to be the best exp rate for any bot script out on the market right now. Also, if you do consider adding pouches, maybe a stamina support as well? I've went across different bot software for weeks now and this one seems to be the most stable and reliable one for exp and longetivity. Thanks and please update me =) cheers mates
  7. Easy. Check on it every 20-30 minutes, do a course run with your own movements. If your babysitting the bot, move the camera screen every so often. Pause the bot for 5-10 minutes in 45-1hr periods. I usually bring staminas and food and eat them randomly. and most importantly do not run more than 2hrs-3hrs a day (my preference)
  8. campin


    disregard this, i was too quick to make a post. It worked perfectly ty
  9. campin


    Hi, Great script, not sure if your still making updates but the bot gets stuck at cw and doesn't bank after a bagged tree run. Let me know if this would ever get fixed, thanks and keep up the good work.
  10. Hey y'all, this script is so good and amazing it almost motivates me to get back to scripting. I use this very often and really am satisfied with this purchase. Saying that, when can we expect v2? Also, can you give us any quests that are going to be on it? Thanks!
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