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  1. From my experience, player reports followed by data log review is number 1 reason for bans Usually within 2-6 hours after the report. And one is enough. I tried remote locations with "hop when player in range" option but this failed me, sometimes bot is too slow to hop before it gets reported. Unless you are running the free scripts, they are so shitty you might be getting auto-banned
  2. Neither random AFK'ing with different intervals, nor breaks did not reduce ban rate. It seems that even if my bot hops after detecting any player in range, it either somehow still gets reported or the botwatch detects it manually. Logging through a different IP than the account was created on and botting resulted in chain bans within 6 hours. Lots of bans seem to be issued around 4-5am GMT which is quite odd. Botting different activities every few hours and keeping the schedule under 10 hours per day had positive results.
  3. Good morning guys and gals, I've been recently entertaining a theory, that could possibly reduce the ban rates on accounts. It's quite simple - I assume that getting repeatedly falsely reported while playing legitimately should greatly reduce the ban rate on the account in the following weeks. After jMod repeatedly checks your logs and finds no foul play, their reports system may start flagging reports on you as a false alarm? Am I making some sense here? Maybe it's complete rubbish, and every report is evaluated independently, but I think there are a large player segment who play very similarly to bots, especially with release of mobile, and Jagex should have some kind of flagging for repeated false positives. Imo good botting habbits+couple days of legitimate play+false reports should be a recipe for victory To induce, just cut trees next to GE or WVB, or spin flax for a couple hours, you should get dozens of false reports.
  4. I have created 2 test accounts and really messed with the random-afk and break options so that there's lots of short random afking. Like a normal human would act when alt tabbing every 30-60 sec watching a movie or smth. Also, world hopping every 25 mins or so. I ditched GE for an empty bank in the middle of nowhere, since I suspect there are salty cunts reporting skillers on sight in GE. Also botted few different skills on both accounts today, for 1-2 hours each. Did some quests on both of them, and gonna offline them for good 10-12 hours daily, botting for 6-8 hours with lots of breaks. Will update if something happens. If no bans within a week I will consider this very successful xd
  5. I'll try that out, thanks. Any chance that botting under 3-4 hours per day per single account would greatly diminish ban risk? That way you could theoretically make 1m per day per account on dozens of accounts relatively safely.
  6. Hello, I would really appreciate some advice since it's lookin kinda hopeless. I'm getting consistent bans on p2p accounts with nFletcher, within 24-48 hours, even though I am botting with randomized breaks, doing some manual selling/restocking every 1-2 hours. I did not bot during the night, maybe 3 sessions for 3-4 hours per day TOPS. I even did some slayer in between every 1-2 hours on my semi-main and it just got banned for 2 days regardless (ty god no perma, obviously not gonna bot on a valuable account ever again, that was dumdum) Am I doing something wrong or what? This seems completely unprofitable and unsustainable. I am not into this as much as to create a bot farm, but I wanted to do a total of 10ish m/day on 1-2 accounts and this seems impossible. Any advice? Thank you so much in advance
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