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  1. Hello, This had to have just been updated? I was botting my f2p 07scape accounts a few hours ago, tried to log back in to bot something different, an i Click world 382 (F2p) and message ' You need to subscribe to members to log in' ??? Seriously... why did they do this... Edit: I tried every single f2p world on 07, with 3 different accounts as well as opened a new tribot client... Still getting the same Message... Anyone else?. thanks iosman
  2. Hello, I would pay a good deal of money to get a premium script that has antiban and works, even if it were only 10 quests/f2p) it would add a lot and give our accounts a much more legit account. Could any script writers comment on here as to why nobody Omegle video chat has continued on them? I mean, a fair deal of work has already been done on 2 scripts as far as i can tell. And if charging Omegle video chat it as premium it could make it worth your while thanks iosman
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