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  1. That's not assumption wtf I can understand why you would feel that way. If I paid $10 for something I would hope and believed that it decreases ban aswell but the facts don't suggest this especially from a programmer perspective its just far from the truth. but anyway problem solved from OP /thread
  2. You don't understand Looking glass doesn't help with bans at all. If Trilez was to make Looking glass public , it would have the same banrate as a regular botting client.. This is talked about extensively on Sythe , it really doesn't do anything just pure marking tactics which is why Trilez doesn't advertise Looking Glass to VIP-E
  3. Not really. I have 90+ stats all botted without Vip Extended going on 3 months strong now.
  4. I'm a Intelligence Officer Working with Multiple Bot Communites.

  5. Is this script still worth it even if you don't use looking glass? EDIT: Scripter doesn't give a flying fuck about this script.
  6. Thanks for the quick reply but i'll pass I'm scared to use this lol With the bans and shit but you're right people only post on script threads unless their are problems. EDIT: I changed my mind I need to stop being a bitch. going to give 1 hour trial a try.
  7. Doesn't pick up rod when fishing at Otto's. (Random Event Caused) Bot just stands there like a drone with the caption: "Event: Running to Bank"
  8. I never saw an antiban so intelligent like this in my life. The way it adapts to the enviroment is amazing but only time will tell if it's able to stand up against "The Juggernaut"
  9. Lol you said that like script writers is suppose to scramble and hurry up and write a script because you're "impatient"
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