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  1. hello friends, So just wanted to share this little story as i was preparing to launch a gold farm for fun before aiming to break some record by runing over 300 bots I picked Tribot given that a few people advised me to use it. 9 days ago i went ahead and created a test account and did the island by hand from the bot client on a very safe residential ip (I created it myself), then loged out traveled and came back today. a few minutes ago launched tribot tried to login chose the world and then BANNED ! and received the ban email form Jagex. Please note : 1- No script was launched yet 2- no looking glass just free user doing regular login Here is the text they said when it ried to relog to the account : https://prnt.sc/qt8p3f anyways ! would love your ideas and suggestions for botfarm. I have about 500 residential proxies i created myself - don't ask me how (hint: 4G and mini computers ) I own a hosting company and I sell VPS so you can say that i got unlimited VPS's I got a LOT of Gold Advise is much welcome !
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