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  1. my account got banned after 3 hours of doing minnows safely and it was a really old account with no offences xd
  2. @zemp0 i'm currently botting 10 accounts at once rn for almost a week now no bans, the previous premium script i used i was constantly getting banned even when babysitting the bots and long asf breaks (auto fisher pro)
  3. yeah other than that the bot is really good not even got banned once from this script even when suicide botting test, also don't use auto fisher pro it has a huge ban rate
  4. the banking appears to be broken at fishing guild sometimes it'll work and sometimes it'll get stuck in the bank interface
  5. at the fishing guild bank it'll fail to close the bank interface after like 10+ minutes into fishing and will just get stuck at attempting to close it (this seems to be rare doesn't always do it, could just be me not sure)
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