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  1. "both" ? The cursor itself hovers the next obstacle ["Jump Gap"] but it is trying to do it before even attempting the current obstacle [Cross Plank] resulting in "You cannot reach that" I noticed it doesN'T do this if a mark of grace spawns, as then it crosses plank, picks up the mark and then jumps the gap. If i babysit it and manually click the plank every time it tried to hover jump gap, xp an hour goes up by 5k. Yes, it eventually DOES unstick itself and cross the plank and resume the course but not before trying to skip it 2 times or more. Every lap, almost.
  2. Every time I look at the bot at ardy course.... it's hovering JUMP GAP before cross the plank..... going to be the end of me.
  3. @Encoded I second that sentiment. I dont know much about coding but seems like this one should be fairly simple. You dont need teleports, Herbi always follows a preset pathing. Banking is very close as well, would just need stam/herb sack/banking support.
  4. Commodus


    Has anyone ever seen a Herbiboar bot? Is anyone interested in developing one? Seems like a simple enough concept, they are static routes with a nearby bank... no teleporting needed, only pathing on static routes.
  5. Amazing Bot! Comfortably got me to almost 15m XP! Easy 99 + Pet. 2-3 hour sessions with manual breaking. Teaks in Uzer (custom area), Fossil Island - but mostly in Prif.
  6. Yes enough agility for ALL shortcuts. After hopping the stones to go back towards the dense essence rocks it stop in the same spot, maybe it is the walker breaking. IDK, but logger does not output anything, any click TOWARDS the rocks, including the rocks themselves resumes the bot progress. Also, it seems to always walk up to and stand in the same square next to the dense essence blocks (on the far side, where ive never seen a human go)
  7. Read the few posts above yours my man, try it out as well, see if you can get it to work right! I might have been doing something wrong or you might be able to troubleshoot it. I ran out of trial so can't mess with it anymore.
  8. When going to the dense essence blocks, it stops in the same spot and just sits there... any fix for that? Right before the two dense essence stones, under the agility shortcut from the blood altar. stops inside the yellow highlighted area every time, on the exact same tile and just sits there.... the script doesn't terminate, either and that is the last entry in the logger, i have to manually click on the essence rocks to get the bot to move forward EDIT: Seems to get stuck every time after making the 2nd return trip back to the blocks. After the 1 click for it to resume, it finishes the 2nd inv, makes it to altar, crafts both loads, makes it back to the blocks just fine and then gets stuck again on the 2nd inv.
  9. @Netami I saw earlier you said the bot supports blood runes at Zeah. If I set it up for bloods, it goes through abyss and tries to use pure essence - which obv doesnt work. How do I get the bot to do the regular afk zeah blood rc?
  10. After watching it for a few hours, on Ardy course, it's consistently getting stuck before the first plank walk (where the marks of grace spawn).... its trying to do the next obstacle before even attempting it. Doubles or tripples lap times for those laps it does that. Edit: Is it randomized? Every other lap?
  11. Gets stuck on the first plank walk on Ardounge Course! Edit: Nevermind, it just hovers the next obstacles, then unhovers it and clicks on the planks, very weird. Edit 2: Hello!I misunderstood the pricing and accidentally bought 2, 2week auths thinking that that is 1 month rather than 2 weeks for 2 auths.Any way I can get a refund for one or get an extension please?Thank You!Successfully botted to 15m WC xp for 99 and pet with your other bot btw!
  12. So I just subbed to tribot for this script specifically, pretty bummed I can't figure it out. I am trying to do brutal blacks, i got the combat portion set up but how do I get it to bank/xerics back? Or to return to the blacks at all? Anyone got it working?
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