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  1. I am currently starting the trial on this script on a fresh level 3 account. Looking forward to the progress, looks like a very nice script. Ill keep you posted on any bugs I occur, and perhaps some proggies :)! Will be babysitting the bot a lot, so should be able to give you some nice insights. Currently gathering all items required for the tasks.
  2. Hey Worthy! I just want to compliment you on this amazing script. The time and effort invested in this, I can only imagine. Thanks for being so awesome, and I very much enjoy using your script . Are there any options for purchasing a lifetime license for unlimited accounts?
  3. Just posting here as I am currently running a similar script for Dreambot, and trying to convert it to TriBot :).
  4. After researching the forums some more, I found multiple posts discussing and suggesting this functionality. If it would be possible for you to create a suggestion on gitlab, I think it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your responses both!
  5. Hey there, While I am very fond of the current possiblity to launch my entire bot farm by just clicking the appropriate .bat files lauching the client with CLI arguments, there is one functionality I miss. I checked the official CLI Rollout post, but could not find anything on launching script queues at the moment. My question: Is there currently support (probably not) to launch premade script queues using CLI arguments? And if not, is it on the roadmap for future implementation? I ask this because I always use script queues, since my proxy can be somewhat unstable at times, causing it to disconnect, thus ending the script. I think this functionality could highly benefit a lot of botters! Cheers :)!
  6. How I managed to miss that lmao. A huge thanks to you :)!
  7. I am inputting the following command into the command line (obviously, thinks in capital letters have been changed, as they are private information): D:\PATH>java -jar tribot-loader-4.0.4.jar --username "USERNAME" --password "PASSWORD" --charusername "CHARUSERNAME" --charpassword "CHARPASSWORD" --charworld "301" --script "|w| Zulrah Muler" --scriptargs "id:1" --proxyhost "PROXYHOST" --proxyport "1080" --proxyusername "PROXYUSERNAME" --proxypassword "PROXYPASSWORD" --disablefwall --mem 512 This gives the following output in the command line: Response: MWUxN2Q0NGI4YWM1YzYwMTk4ZTE0NTAzOTA5MzhmYzQKNzE5MWQ0MWIyODVjYzU0NjRhNGQ5YTlmZDUzOWUyODAKc2NyaXB0b2JveQo0ODc4NjAKMDYzNjRhYTRmYTA3NmNjOWUyOWQzMWI3MWQ2NjZlYTM= Afterwards, it launches the TriBot login window where you input your TriBot credentials, select the proxy and press login to launch the client. It does not seem to use any of the CLI arguments provided above. I can't see anything in debug, as the client itself has not loaded but it is at the login screen. Any ideas why it stays at the login screen, rather than actually using the arguments to load the bot and start the script? Thanks once again
  8. Thanks for you fast response! Running the command line as Administrator was indeed the easy fix for it to go through. Yet, when the command line runs, it only opens up the TriBot startup window where you can select the proxy and input your login details, but it does not execute anything based on the CLI argument input. I did login first in a TriBot window prior to running my .bat files. Any ideas? I appreciate your effort man, thanks
  9. I just noticed! Awesome, thanks for the heads up. I do experience an error though.. I posted on it in the help section here, perhaps you can shed some light on the situation? I'll check out your Graphical Client Starter too, but my goal is just to have a few .bat file execute in series to start up my full farm. Thanks in advance :).
  10. Hey fellow botters/scripters! Today I was experimenting with using CLI arguments for starting my bot farm easily with .bat files. I copied the example .bat file provided in the CLI tutorial provided by TriBot found here. Unfortunately, I can't get it to work. I adjusted the argument parameters correctly, but my CMD outputs the following error: jan 12, 2020 10:58:56 PM java.util.prefs.WindowsPreferences <init> WARNING: Could not open/create prefs root node Software\JavaSoft\Prefs at root 0x80000002. Windows RegCreateKeyEx(...) returned error code 5. Response: YTcxZGQ0NWU0YzhlNWM4NjhhYTllMDljYTFmOGZmNmIKYjc3Y2M3YjhmMTZiYjMwMjE2ZGQ3OWM0MzkyNjZkMjAKc2NyaXB0b2JveQo0ODc4NjAKMDhjZDZiZWJjNzlmNjQzNzg0MWMxMmI0YzgzOWQzMDA= Googling did not help me further unfortunately. Any ideas on what is causing this, and how I could fix it? Thanks in advance.
  11. This is sick! Will be giving this a go later today to see if it works :).
  12. Can't wait for this to be published! Is there any update on when this might be released? Props to the devs!
  13. There are a lot of threads on this, but I would start of with your goal: Are you a break-botter or suicide-botter? If you are a break-botter, which there is no silver lining for: Make sure your accounts are not fresh lvl 3 accounts, but actually have existed for some time. Bot during your timezone's regular playing hours Don't bot insane amount of hours a day, and long periods at a time Switch up the activities you bot often so you look like a regular player You ask or time and breaks, but this is very dependant on the activity you are botting. Very low-key activities can be botted in longer sessions, but activities that are very click intensive should be way shorter sessions. For example, for a highly click-intensive activity, you could: Do a 45 minute break (randomize duration) every 120 minutes (randomize iteration), with a stop after 4 hours. Do this session twice a day, and it could be safe. What I am trying to tell you is: Nobody will be able to tell you perfect bot times, break times etc. Its mainly trial and error :). Good luck, happy botting!
  14. scriptoboy

    2 day or perm?

    Some of my Barrows farm accounts get two-day bans, some of them get instantly perm-banned. I can't really seem to figure out what influences whether they hand out the permanent or temporary ban though. Would be very valuable if anyone had some more info.
  15. Thanks for this! I didn't notice the emails, but did share login info between Powerbot and Tribot. Appreciate it bro.
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