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  1. Glad to hear it solved your problems! Happy botting!
  2. Your mouse speed seems very low. I would advise upping the mouse speed to somewhere between 200-250 (I have mine set at 225). For the dying during pray flicking, this might be a result of the low mouse speed. I am not familiar with using LG, so I can't really comment on that. Let me know if something improves for you if you change your mouse speed setting. The gear should really be able to clear a lot more money.
  3. scriptoboy

    Nmz Quester

    Script is working flawless for doing the Ava's questline. Very impressed, well done @ELON!
  4. scriptoboy

    Nmz Quester

    Thanks bro, appreciate it! Giving it a go now, looking flawless so far. Props on the amount of work that went into this release. I'll let you know if I encouter any more bugs!
  5. These stats should easily clear (pure) profits of over 600K per hour, if not a lot more. What is you gear setup if I may ask? What is your defense/prayer level? And what is your mouse speed setting?
  6. scriptoboy

    Nmz Quester

    Hey! I wanted to test out this script, running the ava questline on an account. Yet, when I boot up the script, the status instantly jumps to : "death". It will then continue to walk to Lumbridge to visit Death's room, talk to him about retrieving stuff and select the option of "No, not at this time". Next, it exits Death's room, re-enters the room and does the same thing. It keeps doing this in a loop. Any ideas? If you can make a fix, the script looks really promising. Cant wait to give it a go!
  7. Can't wait for this release. Mobile botting seems to have much lower banrates because of the reduced heuristics! Keep up the good work!
  8. Really helpfull in the transition into TriBot 11. Thx a lot
  9. @Naton Any progress on remaking the script to make it do manual checks on the margins?
  10. If you are 100% sure you have entered the credentials in a proper way, this is most likely an issue on the vendor side. That could either be poor proxy quality, datacenter issues or invalid credentials. I would recommend contacting support and laying out your case with them, so they can assist you. Another tip is to use Maxthon browser to work with your proxies. It allows you to easily onboard all your proxies, and switch between them. Its a really convenient way of working with your proxies and verifying that they are indeed valid. Happy botting!
  11. Script currently only semi working because of the new death mechanics. It will freeze when it has to retrieve items after you die. Knowing Worthy, a fix for this should be in fast enough!
  12. No, Tribot does not support IPv6 proxies. So indeed, make sure you always purchase SOCKS5 IPv4 proxies for your botting goals. Happy botting!
  13. I can ensure you that botting is far from impossible these days. There are just some lessons you only learn by investing time and money into botting. If earning money botting was easy, everyone would be doing it. -Don't bot in heavily botted area's -Don't use "private" proxies from vendors that have been rotated a million times, find ways to get your clean proxies -Don't get demotivated of a ban. Take note of all the specifics (time botted, script used, break pattern used, and many more parameters) -And many many more lessons to be learned.. Eventually, you will start learning the ins and outs of botting. GL on your ventures.
  14. Damnnn, legit can't wait! This is amazing
  15. This is indeed a bug that I just noticed. @boe123 perhaps build in a Try-Catch where it will end the script if it runs out of enough coins to continue planking?
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