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  1. This is indeed a bug that I just noticed. @boe123 perhaps build in a Try-Catch where it will end the script if it runs out of enough coins to continue planking?
  2. Ahh there it is. Have air runes in my inventory as placeholder for now, which works too. Ill update here if I encouter any issues, and leave a proggy after a few hours. lmk when you have pushed the fix, and again, awesome job!
  3. I run the script with a staff of air equipped, and plenty of law/earth runes in my inventory. My teleport location is set to Camelot, yet it still gives me the error "Could not teleport to POH: no runes for spell found. Any ideas?
  4. scriptoboy


    Is this still working? My script is doing restless ghost, it does not buy supplies, but just goes to the ghost, fails to speak to him because it has no amulet, goes back to GE, opens banks, closes bank, and goes back to the ghost in a loop. Any ideas?
  5. Amazing work on the release. Will definitely give this a test tomorrow! Keep you posted
  6. I advise you to check out the Zulrah Strategy Wiki equipment tab to find the best working gear setups, ranked from best to worst. There is no 'most profitable' setup. Find out what fits your budget and botting style the best. Happy botting!
  7. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to fully counter this, it just happens occasionaly. 2 tips: -In the muler section, ensure that it keeps low value items that sell poorly (such as Flax) with a quantity of 999999999 in bank. By means of this, the bot will skip wasting time waiting in the GE endlessly for items to sell, that are actually not worth the time. -Decrease the idle time before the script terminates, and make use of a script queue. This way, if the script gets in a loop where it just idles, it will terminate the script faster, and load up the next script in your script queue. If you have a queue with about 5-10 script loaded up, it will decrease the time your bots spend idling. Happy botting!
  8. Awesome work Ill be giving it a go, and report my feedback in the format!
  9. I feel ya! Just want to let you know that a script such as this one does lose value without a built-in mule (as the script is heavily dependant on a another account for supplies, and it runs a high-banrate moneymaking method). If you were to consider it in the future, I believe it would massively increase your user base on the script!
  10. That is just splendid! I have a quick question though! Is there any possibility for muling functionality in the script? Or has this not been included? Good work on the script :D
  11. Amazing, can't wait to give it a go :). Props to you!
  12. Any idea when the revamp will be released? Does it include ABC?
  13. Damnnn this sure as hell is something! Can't wait! Well done to everyone working on this project
  14. Amazing proxies, very friendly dude, and sets up your proxies blazingly fast! 10/10 would recommend.
  15. I can vouch for this! Extremely happy with the current Steel server that I have from them! Fast setup, fast support and amazing performance.
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