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  1. I'm looking for a dicing script which is be able to: 1: Trades back when being traded. 2: Looks in trade for the minimum setted bet. 3: Confirms in second screen for money only . Accept/Decline. 4: Says in clanchat and normal [AMOUNT POT] + Player name Goodluck! (This can be edited to only in clanchat also the text..) 5: Waits 3 secs and rolls a number 1-100 like: [HOSTNAME] Rolled [Number] WIN/LOSE! @ CURRENT TIME 6: When lose repeat 1, when win: Congratulations! [POT] is being paid to (Playername) The bot must be able to talk in clanchat: Open for bets, checks the trades for correct amount of money/no items added/ If someone can do this I'm willing to talk payment and details thru discord. Thanks
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