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  1. As of 2020, this is a good, affordable and stable script, all the features work and getting the reqs by playing legit takes a few hours. You'll make your money back after botting for only 15 hours, this allows you to grow your farm quickly from scratch. I'd 100% recommend this over running 10x as many f2p bots for half the gold.
  2. This is anecdotal, but I've had 30 accounts banned in the past 2 weeks. All had the same email address, running on the same IP. I'm still making accounts and i haven't seen a difference in how quickly they get banned.
  3. xinobyte

    safely botting?

    I'd like to know as well.. I'm experimenting with break times and so far, 3 hours on 1 hour off is what got me the furthest. 5:2 and 5:3 got me banned in 2 days, meanwhile, the ones on 3:1 are still up after a week and a half. I also tried something realistic like 3:1, 2:1, 5:12.. this one only took 30 hours to get banned. Also, not botting the same skill seems to be a waste of time, you get banned anyway within a week, might as well suicide one method and transfer the money before the banhammer.
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