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  1. Some problems i have noticed; afked in the abyss twice died once.runs just past the zamorak mage and just stands there.gone to the wrong altar.runs to the building west of edge tele instead of the bank. (very easy to tell if some1s a bot....)does not use the same bank boothgone to the altar with games necklaces
  2. could you fix red salamanders and add black salamanders (doesnt even have to bank just something to catch them) thank you
  3. tedbundy, on 08 Dec 2013 - 3:45 PM, said: What's your animation ID? And I'll take a look at it. its -1 when i wield monkey greegree and 2846 w/o it
  4. keeps clicking on the teat trees on apetoll when its already cutting them
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