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  1. Hello @bbuu20, I ran it for 2 hours ytd and the result is pretty lit. However, I wonder if it is an antiban feature or a minor bug to the custom tile selection. It would occasionally misclick the ore that is next to ore (tile) being selected. For the dropping, there was one time that it got stuck on using iron ore to iron ore. Sometimes, the first ore on the top row will also be missed during dropping (I wonder if it is an antiban feature). But overall, it is a great script and I am planning to run it 1-2 hrs/ day. Just cant wait for the 3t mining for faster xp rates haha. On a side note, is there a difference between selecting your custom tile and setting the mining radius for ban rates? Or the clicking would be the same.
  2. Have you tried aAgility v 3?
  3. Sounds good. Thanks! And what is a good multiplier for the lg mode
  4. For some reason, it uses my ring of wealth and teleport elsewhere while i was afk from the bot. When I check back, the account was walking back to Rimmington. I am using LG, fixed mode. Chose Phial unoted method.
  5. Unfortunately not but I am able to fixed the problem by having it in default zoom. Did not run in any problems with adjusting angles since then. Would it affect other features if I run it in default zoom, fixed mode?
  6. There are various occasions that the bot failed to find the brazier by adjusting angles even I had the camera at max zoom as instructed. Try minimizing the zoom, works for a while but then it fails again. Was using fixed mode.
  7. Tried but doesn't seem to work good in duel arena's bank.
  8. Ya. It is perfectly fine once you finish choosing the rocks Tried the method on the thread but works the same for me.
  9. Hello, Mind if I ask: Except for convenience, is there a difference between manually opening os buddy and linking it to looking class and directly clicking on the new feature?
  10. @bbuu20 I just tried again with looking glass and it works. Tho the title selection process is pretty tough as it keeps blinking while I choose and I have to try repeatedly on a tile to get it selected. However, once I got that sorted, it is now running smoothly A 30 min proggie before I sleep : https://gyazo.com/33e57a118a562056b8480681887a2423
  11. A good post. Deserves more recognition, haha. Thanks for the contribution <3.
  12. Ya and agility is a highly bannable skill. It is actually smart to mix in some normal gaming time !
  13. I think so. https://gyazo.com/1e82e66c9c492fbe781b037c866dd9a6
  14. You cannot transfer credits without 100 post count.
  15. anything starts with n is a good script haha
  16. You have a point. I think they should do a script cleanup for inactive scripts.
  17. Vouch for scripts produced by Nation! Have used nNightmarezone and Ncooker without any problems. Also botted minnow fishing with Einstein's Fisher and no problem at all.
  18. @Einstein Has the promotion for the script passed? Any chance I could still get it for $1 as I see it is still under the promotion tab.
  19. Just bought the bot and ran it on progressive mode. Works flawlessly. Will be using progressive mode from 1-99 cooking. Will post updates soon.
  20. Hello, I bought the script because I see there is an option for 3-ticking fishing with herb and tar. But I couldn't select it from the GUI. Can you suggest how?
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