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  1. anything starts with n is a good script haha
  2. You have a point. I think they should do a script cleanup for inactive scripts.
  3. Vouch for scripts produced by Nation! Have used nNightmarezone and Ncooker without any problems. Also botted minnow fishing with Einstein's Fisher and no problem at all.
  4. @Einstein Has the promotion for the script passed? Any chance I could still get it for $1 as I see it is still under the promotion tab.
  5. Just bought the bot and ran it on progressive mode. Works flawlessly. Will be using progressive mode from 1-99 cooking. Will post updates soon.
  6. Hello, I bought the script because I see there is an option for 3-ticking fishing with herb and tar. But I couldn't select it from the GUI. Can you suggest how?
  7. I believe the bot will reload blowpipe. But I am not sure when it would. I have the settings on but it doesn't reload it after every dream. I assume it will reload when it is used up. I just bought this bot earlier for some range lvls and it has been a charm to me!
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