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  1. DO NOT USE THIS SCRIPT. This has been the only script I've used and got a clean account banned after 2 hours of running zmi with two 15 minute breaks. Garbage unsafe product
  2. Script crashes tribot upon startup (whole client freezes and stays that way indefinitely) not sure if this is an isolated issue or a problem caused by the update but would appreciate it if it were looked into
  3. 3 weeks since purchase and ZMI still broken ... would appreciate some proper support or will not be repurchasing
  4. Bot this script exclusively to use ZMI, however it would appear that its still bugged. Unfortunate that no update has been provided with some insight into the ladder issue, however I'll have to wait until ZMI is fully functional.
  5. Sorry again ... as the title describes, the break handler will log out mid task such as during a fishing trawler game. Is there a way to circumvent this so as not to randomly log out during dangerous tasks (such as a Zulrah kill). Currently using einstein fishing and worthy zulrah only as of right now.
  6. Hey, Just got tribot today, when trying to use the looking glass feature all I get is a black screen and nothing more. I have OSBuddy and java jdk8u231 64bit and nothing seems to be working. My OS is Windows 64 bit.
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