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  1. ehhh, which firewalll settings would need messed around with? nevermind seems to be working like a charm after a new rule. just find it odd that it never prompted me before. and will try that JDK currently using 1.8.0_231
  2. so ive been trying for days to get looking glass to work. things that i have done. fresh install of windows, deleted everything including personal files. removed all javas and reinstalled java 8u231 or some shit like that JDK and JRE used Natons utility "deletehooksandcache.jar" tried using fluffees openrs rebuild tried using jagex client tried using osbuddy client nothing is working and to be clear i am running everything on 32bit (clients and tribots launcher)but despite my best efforts i can not get looking glass to function. ive tried everything that i have been able to find on the forums so some help would be appreciated.
  3. so far so good has went for 8ish hours on two accounts, only thing im noticing is that the nugget count is off and the script is stopping early i figured out that it is sometimes opening the bank twice. counting the nuggets in the inventory twice. could it refresh nugget count before closing banking interface opposed to when its opening/depositing
  4. I had been using it for my mule for about a week now on my home desktop without problems but as soon as I went to do it on my VPS It auto locked the account fortunately for me I was lazy last night and didn't mule the stuff over so it happened with nothing too special on the account. Is there a way to make sure that my clients connected and using the proxy?
  5. so i purchased a VPS, to try and expand my botfarm i opened Tribot selected the proxy that i had been using for one of my mules and only that account and it was instantly banned for botting (never having been botted on because botting on a mule seems like a stupid idea right?) i was wondering if there was something that i may have done wrong and jagex could have actually seen the ip for the VPS which im assuming was a data-center IP and not the private socks proxy i had selected from the list. just wondering if theres a specific way im supposed to set it up and if anyone would be willing to help in my endevours thanks, UhOh.
  6. will/can the option of adding bars at startup and removing cannon balls at shutdown be added to this for the mule bot? or an adaptation your willing to implement into a private version, if so pm me.
  7. does this need to run with the crafter script like a master/slave? its just freezing my client currently
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