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  1. If it banks in the northern edge bank booths, it doesnt run back to trees. Also, sometimes the bot just stands at the tree and doesnt detect it and ends up logging out. Oh and there are times it runs south of edge and cuts a random tree.
  2. So it was doing good, but I noticed it seems to sometimes stand outside the bank.
  3. Yeah if I manually do it, it does. But if I let it stand there, it just waits for the tree to grow back.
  4. It doesnt go to the general store anymore for the crates, but now it just stays at one tree only. This is at edge yews.
  5. I been cutting yews at edge and it seems to run into the general store and search crates?
  6. I did exactly what you did in the vid, it doesn't bank and doesnt even stand on the tile I set.
  7. Does the bot detect Easter ring/marionettes? What does the bot do if my inventory is full? Just keeps clicking? or will it just log out and continue
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