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  1. Worked wonderfully for quite some time until today when I tried to start the script it just opens the bank, waits for around 5 seconds and logs out with the message saying out of food even though I have over 2k food in bank, and yes I haven't changed the food id or type. EDIT: Nevermind, saw that the tribot client itself has a problem as of today with some banking problems, so it has nothing to do with the script
  2. sprz

    Weird bug

    View -> Theme and one of them on the list, can't remember which one as I've reseted all my settings now
  3. sprz

    Weird bug

    Nevermind, I solved the issue by deleting the .tribot folder in %appdata%. Everything works fine now ^^
  4. sprz

    Weird bug

    Hello I bought the bot couple days ago and have no complaints except one thing. This script that I included in the picture has worked previously just fine but recently this box started popping up the moment I start the script. I tried reinstalling java and deleting osrs cache but no luck. This also happens with couple other scripts. Any help for a noob here?
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