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  1. thepope821


    You know what, I may have been wrong tbh. When I was using tribots tut scripts the client was kind of broken because of the winter updates. Those could have broken the tut scripts. But yea if you ask me ... people starting to play the game arent going for efficiency. They will examine random shit. They'll examine the guy that gives pickaxes, swords, runes, nets and prayer advice. Every action the player takes could have a delay or random action taken. This will reduce efficiency of course, but that's what we are going for. If you want I could test you're script for you and offer suggestions. I have always wanted to help make a script more undetectable and you seem like the kind of guy who likes a challenge. Today I'm a bit busy because I have work and chores I have to do. Tomorrow I'm all open to help. Cheers, and thank you for contributing back to the community.
  2. thepope821


    There will always be more randomness you could add to the script. You could have it mine a random ore or use random anvils. You could have it kill more than one rat for melee and ranged or both. There will always be more randomness. If you want to develop a good name for yourself here and really give back to the community then I feel like you picked the right way to do it because tribot doesnt have any god tut isle scripts.
  3. thepope821


    lol, I thought the sarcasm would be obvious. Sorry I was kidding
  4. thepope821


    I got banned after 1 min of using. -1 rep to you
  5. @YoHoJo Why do you keep repping those sites? They are trash. You deliberately try and post as frequently as possible so you can have your sig visible..when they're trash. I dont get it. You pretend to care about your fellow brothers, but to you theyre just refs
  6. @wastedbro Doesnt know what he's talking about.
  7. Those proxies suck ass. OP Make sure you buy resi proxies because if you buy any of those proxies you will get banned sooner rather than later
  8. thepope821

    nRogues Den

    He put the cart before the horse here unfortunately.
  9. I had an instance open from a vps i forgot about
  10. Hello, It's been quite a few days since my Vip ran out and I cant even run a single bot since. I've purchased scripts and their timers are running down. Why cant I run a single instance, despite me not already running one? I feel like this is a rather tricky maneuver to try and get people to buy vip again rather than submit a bug report.
  11. missclicks are a big problem in this script tbh.
  12. Dude, Einstein, can you take a look at the falador course please? It bugs out and makes the same mistakes lap after lap.
  13. Just use the advanced setting and change the world it opens on from auto to whatever
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