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  1. Thanks for the quick response! The bot is still running, I'll let you know if it happens again.
  2. I use ring of dueling for banking + restore and row for GE restocking. Im not sure if it equipped the teleport item, im pretty sure it usually does not equip it.
  3. I closed it already but I can remember it said finished task going to the bank and tried to teleport, eventually dying at dagganoths. I'll let it run again a few times and see if it dies again, ill let you know everything
  4. Hi, mine also keeps dying after finishing every task. It just stands in lumbridge doing nothing. I was using the latest tribot version 10.25.11 on fixed mode.
  5. I got stuck on the troll task, it tried to go for ice trolls. It gets stuck on calculating route.
  6. Could you share some info on ur botting experience with this script? Times (inc. timezone), places, breaks, other activities on account etc?
  7. Where would you recommend to mine? and what breaks etc? any tips bro?
  8. i tried it again today with 1 tab open, its working flawlessly now thank you. Is there any way I can still run 2 tabs tho?
  9. first few tries yes I had another tab open. But for the other try I had no other tab open, but it did froze before so I had to restart client multiple times to get it work smoothly again. Isnt having other tabs open how ppl bot on different accounts or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for the quick response!
  10. so yeah purchased the script but I cant get it to work with mahogany tables. It keeps stopping out of itself with this debug:
  11. When unnoting with demon butler, it sometimes spam clicks ''call servant'' and when the servant doesnt show up after 8 clicks, it stops the bot and says servant wasnt there or something. Also in between butler dialogue it always hovers the bottom 4 planks in inventory. Im not sure if thats intentional but it seems like something that could get one banned very easily. I've tried starting the bot 5 times but every time something happens and it just force stops the script. Sadly forgot to get the client/bot debug. Ill try it a few more times and see what happens
  12. My bad, I had utility spells checked off on my spells. High alching wasnt showing up so it was trying to high alch Fixed
  13. it works really nice, but at the greater demon task in the chasm it kept clicking on wind strike and clicking on a demon? It just repeated it over and over again.
  14. Dude you are a special kind of stupid, ofcourse he needs a proper bug report with logs so he can figure out whats wrong with the bot. If youre just going to whine like a little child about how it isnt worth your money, that wont help him fixing the issue. Also having 81 ranged @ revs is super low, especially at peek hours it will be hard to get the profit you'd really like from it.
  15. does this support grand seed pod as a teleport out of 30 wild?
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