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  1. Depresitoo


    is crab support coming anytime soon?
  2. Additionally you could check which stat is higher (Attack or ranged) and buy some cheap gear to kill the dog and monk for a seamless experience Edit : Other than that bug stated above the bot finished the quest, couple of features you could add : 1) Do not teleport if the location is closer than the teleport location (Bot teleported from ge to varrock to go to the varrock "castle" 2) Paint with runtimer 3) an option to return to the place where the script was started AND get drezel's warning
  3. Got stuck while banking, re running the script has solved the issue, it took the gold from the bank and then "waited"
  4. To start off with, I had no trouble contacting him. The whole thing went very smoothly. He is always there when you need him quick bug-fixes made process seamless. I would HIGHLY recommend this guy for anyone looking for a custom script or help with the script you have written .
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