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  1. I have done this, however they still do not show up. I also check "view local scripts only" in settings
  2. Trying to get back into writing... but I can't get local scripts to load for the life of me. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. The script is now back on the loader. Sorry about the wait guys!
  4. Portal problem should be fixed now. Sorry about the wait, had school to deal with.
  5. You should take the download off. Host it on uppit or something and give out the link to customers. Cheers, Tnwrestler360
  6. The title is talking 100k gp Not exp my friend. Like the word hopping tho?
  7. TD Nat Crafter By:Tnwrestler360 About: TD Nat Crafter makes nature runes in Karamja by selling noted essence to the general store and buying them back un-noted. This script contains 2 paths: one being the low-level path and a must faster "high"-lvl path. The low level was tested on a lvl 3 and seems to be extremely safe! Features: Randomized pathsNo spam clickingLow and High lvl pathsFast and smart method to buy and sell runes420 -620 Nats/hrOption to panic teleportUses run​ Proggies: I will add some proggies from beta testing in a bit. Updates to expect: DeathwalkBanking at X amount of runesPossibly a fairy ring update(Would increase the price if I right this) How to purchase: RSGP: Add me on skype @ tyler.davis28 PP: Send $7 to [email protected] **Leave your tribot username in a note** Purchasing this script will give you lifetime updates as well as a copy of the script with no instance limit. Vouches: TOS: Charging back you payment or leaking the script will result in a ban from tribot.
  8. Texan, Any way you could pm me the actually source of this? I could add attacking portals if you want! Tnwrestler360
  9. Guys I have a nat crafter awaiting approval at the moment that believe it or not just as bad ass as this. If you guys are interested pm me. It's a pretty sweet deal as there will be no account restrictions. If you guys like this script check that one out Tnwrestler360
  10. I have a few people that will tell you it's extremely solid. I give out trial auths as well my skype is tyler.davis28.
  11. Redownload your loader and the script will start. If you don't have the link pm me or add me on skype at tyler.davis28
  12. Dear users of Rimmy Yews, You may or may not have noticed the loader is down at the moment due to the ban on Divinius. I am working on alternatives on the moment but have yet to come to a conclusion. I am debating a few options: 1. Get a new loader, 2.Wait it out, 3. Release the class file. Each of these come with shitty outcomes unfortunately. If I buy a new loader it will cost me more money and I am not even selling this script anymore. If we wait it out the script could be down for a while. If I release the class file, it eventually gets leaked and the spot gets flooded. Please understand I am doing my best to figure out what to do and will let you know when I decide. Messaging me on skype will NOT speed this process up. Please remember it is not just you guys messaging me right now its 3 scripts worth of people. Thank you for you continuing patience, Tnwrestler360
  13. Yes of course this is still for sale contact me on skype I am currently online!
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